Video: Breitbart says Congress must censure Obama for Hiroshima speech

HiroshimaOn Friday, Barack Obama delivered a speech in Hiroshima, Japan, in which he bashed America for the decision to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Rush Limbaugh said Obama deliberately chose the weekend of Memorial Day — a day set aside to honor those who died fighting for our freedom — to bash America.

Now, Senior Editor-at-Large Joel B. Pollack says Congress must take action and censure Obama for his speech.

“It is the inescapable duty of the Congress of the United States today to censure President Barack Obama for casting doubt on the sacrifices and motivations of the Americans who fought the Second World War — on the eve of Memorial Day, no less,” he wrote.

Pollack added:

As he has done before, Obama cast a moral equivalence between different civilizations, implying that Americans were just as bad as the Imperial Japanese, or anyone else.

But he went further, casting doubt on the American effort in World War II itself: “Nations arise telling a story that binds people together in sacrifice and cooperation, allowing for remarkable feats. But those same stories have so often been used to oppress and dehumanize those who are different.”

There is really only one response to Obama’s gesture, and it goes beyond media disputation and moral condemnation.

It must be made clear that at Hiroshima, Obama represented no one but himself — not the Greatest Generation who fought the war, and not the generations of Americans who have grown up enjoying the freedom that victory over Japan secured.

Here’s a video posted by Breitbart:

Of course, Congress won’t take any action — they’re simply too scared of their own shadows to do anything other than curl into a fetal position and suck their collective thumbs.

Still, one can dream…  And maybe one day, we’ll have a president who really loves this country.  Maybe.



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