Video: B-list celebs DEMAND Congress stop Trump

celebs Trump CongressBefore the Electoral College met, a group of Hollywood celebs — liberals all — demanded electors vote for someone other than Donald Trump.  That effort failed, so another group of B-list actors gathered to create another video demanding — yes, demanding — that Congress obstruct the President-elect, claiming to speak for the “majority.”

Steven Crowder noted:

All of Hollywood needs an intervention. If I couldn’t stop doing blow as much as celebrities can’t stop making whiny videos, my friends and family would have a sit-in. Alas. Instead we have the latest installment of liberal “never was” “celebrities” who continue raking in future Republican votes in “#StandUpForUs.” Oh yes, it’s just as pathetically predictable as you’d expect. Enjoy!

Here’s the video:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Crowder added:

This video has it all. A number of “celebrities” repeating each other? Check. Dark ominous background? Check. Dark ominous background music? Check. A lineup of liberal celebrities who’re suffering from underemployment and need to virtue signal to studio executives about how much they don’t like an incoming Republican president with hopes of at least getting a walk on role in something, anything, please hire me!? Oh yeah, so many checks.

He went on to shred the argument that a number of hate crimes have been conducted in Trump’s name, citing the following reports:

And he noted very real hate crimes that were committed against Trump supporters:

We’ve also documented hate crimes and abuse heaped against Trump supporters.  Here’s just a small sample:

“Look, before we get to even more mocking of wannabe celebrities let’s correct two important things. It’s not that hate crimes are on the rise, so much as it’s hate crime HOAXES that are on the rise. I know, reading is hard… when all you do for a living is read lines,” Crowder said.

He continued:

Look, it’s sad when people are out of work. It’s sad when you desperately want your star to shine but nobody knows you as anything other than “that guy from that show we saw that one time.” It’s a tough break not to have a big break. I get it. But to resort to the same old tired tactics of following the formulaic “look at how much we care about this political cause” video? Proves there isn’t a limit on how desperate you can get. Because you’ll note that Tom Cruise doesn’t make these videos. Nor does Benedict Cumberbatch. Margot Robbie. Not even perpetual frowner Kristen Stewart makes these films. Nor do any other celebrities who have actually made money in a film. #TruthHurtsLosers

Maybe these celebrities should stick to what they do best — pretending to be something they’re not.

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