Video: Anti-Semites in Portland harass, berate supporters of Israel

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fp1Naturally, this happened in Portland, one of the major low-information hubs in the Pacific Northwest.

The video, provided by Laughing at Liberals, shows just how far the stupid goes in Portland as anti-Semites berate and harass pro-Israel supporters.

From the video’s description:

“Full Circle. Kristalnacht In Palestine” reads one sign from the Palestinian supporters, as a small group of Israel supporters show up to protest an anti Israel rally across the street. The Palestine supporters quickly surround the Israel supporters, blocking their flags, arguing with them, screaming at that them, even blasting the megaphone right into their faces. All the while telling them to move to a different spot. The pro Israel clan moves down a bit, but the anti Israel bunch once again moves to block their flags. One guy accuses the Israel supporters of wanting to hang babies with a flag. Another claims that the “Human shield is the only excuse I hear from your people”. Still another gal mocks them by saying “If you’re scared, then pray! God will take care of you!”. As the rally winds down, a lady guides the pack away while shouting “FUCK AMERICA AND FUCK ISRAEL TOO!”

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Video, courtesy of Laughing at Liberals, below:

Keep in mind that according to Gallup, those who support Hamas terrorists over Israel tend to be younger, less educated, less informed and also lean Democratic.  This video seems to bear that out…


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