Video: 60 Minutes live-tweets scathing Benghazi report, fails to mention video

benghazi-fireOn Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a scathing report on the Sept. 11 Benghazi attack that saw four Americans killed, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

60 Minutes live-tweeted the report.  Video of the report can be seen below.

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The full 15-minute report can be seen below:

There is, of course, a couple things missing from this report, as Twitchy points out:

The “60 Minutes” report left too many unanswered questions on the table, and people in positions of responsibility went curiously unscrutinized:

That’s right, 60 Minutes glossed over the administration’s false claim that it was all precipitated by a video.

But remember, according to Hillary Clinton, what difference does the truth make?