Vermont Meals on Wheels Volunteer Attacked by Machete Wielding Man

Screenshot from WCAX showing broken car windows

WCAX reported that a 73-year old Meals-on-Wheels volunteer was attacked on Friday after delivering warm meals to Harbor Place in Shelburne, Vermont. While she was in the office of the facility, she watched a man vandalize her car by breaking the windows. She ran outside and confronted him; he attacked her with a machete.

Police were called to a report of a man breaking car windows with a large knife at Harbor Place, a temporary housing facility for those in need.

“On arrival we found that this person who was reported to have a knife, had actually attacked an elderly female.” Corporal Jon Marcoux of Shelburne Police.

When the elderly woman tried to intervene to stop him from smashing the windows, the man attacked her, inflicting a “significant leg wound.” She was treated for “multiple injuries” and released from the hospital, according to the Daily Caller.

After the attack, Abukar Ibrahim, 32, barricaded himself inside a room at the facility for two and a half hours before surrendering to police.

Ibrahim is accused of attempted murder and will appear in court on Monday. He is being held at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

Although most people and media are calling him a Muslim “refugee,” that status has not been confirmed. The only information states that he is originally from Africa, the specific country unknown.

Are you paying attention people! #Refugees #StopLettingInRefugees #Vetting

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32-y/o Abukar Ibrahim attacked an elderly woman with a machete as she was delivering meals to an emergency shelter for homeless people in Burlington, Vermont.

“Religion of Peace” Enrichment in Vermont!

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