Venezuela: Starting “Operacion Libertad” to Remove Maduro

Operacion Libertad – Operation Liberty is reportedly in process in Venezuela as Juan Guaido declared that “the time is now” and called on the military to join in a coup against Maduro’s regime. (Bloomberg)

“The moment is now! The 24 states of the country have taken the road: street without return. The future belongs to us: people and Armed Forces united by the cessation of usurpation. Together we’re invincible!… National Armed Forces have taken the right decision, have the support of the people of Venezuela, with the endorsement of our constitution, with the guarantee of being on the right side of history. To deploy the forces to achieve the cessation of the usurpation.” Juan Guaido

Screenshot showing military vehicles running into the crowd

Reportedly the military released political activist Leopoldo Lopez, who appeared with Guaido as the people filled the streets in Caracas, according to Fox. The Maduro regime claimed that a US operative bribed a military guard to release Lopez.

Some members of the Venezuelan military have broken ranks and joined the uprising, others are sporadically throwing tear gas and running over protesters with military vehicles. The people filled the streets, as they have done in numerous times past.

The translation of Guaido’s tweet reads: “Within the framework of our constitution. And for the definitive cessation of the usurpation.”

“The streets of Venezuela continue to be filled with people and more people! Up all the Venezuelans who are going out to the streets. Brothers, we’re making history. The cessation of usurpation is irreversible.” Juan Guaido

It is extremely unclear whether these actions will remove Maduro. There have been intelligence reports that Russian and Cuban military members were deployed to prop up his regime. They are armed with guns, the people of Venezuela are not. Though the US says it supports the Guaido push for freedom, it is not known whether tangible US assistance is nearby or even already on the ground.

Maduro has cut off humanitarian aid, and used violence to stop the protests by crushing or imprisoning the opposition. Venezuelans have been starving as Maduro tightens his grip on power, to the ruination of the country. But his regime has the armament that could crush this uprising in a bloody show of force.

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