Venezuela Banned Guns for Private Citizens in 2012 – Could it Happen HERE?

Socialist Venezuela under former leader Hugo Chavez banned all gun sales for private citizens back in 2012. Only the military, police and security officials had access to weapons and ammunition after the law went into effect.  And the media was so stupid that they thought it was about “reducing crime.” But it was never about “reducing crime – it was about control. Could it happen here? Let’s look.

If you have been under a rock, you might not realize that Venezuela has been in the throes of extreme civil unrest, thanks to a socialist economy that has driven the ordinary people into extreme poverty. They even began eating their dogs and scrounging for food in the garbage out of desperation.

The government of Venezuela, currently led by Nicholas Maduro, has murdered ordinary people who cannot defend themselves. What once was a prosperous oil-producing nation is now a nation of extreme repression and poverty. Protests are a continual occurrence, the massive size of which were “reasons” for the government to murder them.

Human Right watch reported,

In Venezuela today, no independent government institutions remain to act as a check on executive power. The Venezuelan government—under Maduro and previously under Chávez—has stacked the courts with judges who make no pretense of independence.

The government has been repressing dissent through often-violent crackdowns on street protests, jailing opponents, and prosecuting civilians in military courts. It has also stripped power from the opposition-led legislature.

Due to severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food, many Venezuelans cannot adequately feed their families or access the most basic healthcare. In response to the human rights and humanitarian crisis, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are fleeing the country…

…Security force personnel have shot demonstrators at point-blank range with riot-control munitions, run over demonstrators with an armored vehicle, brutally beaten people who offered no resistance, and staged violent raids on apartment buildings.

They cannot defend themselves against a tyrannical government. As the left screams for removal of guns, Venezuela is the elephant in the room for the radical left. Could it happen here? Not without a massive civil war. But we must remain vigilant and not react foolishly to tragedies.

Warning: graphic video

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children

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