Vanessa Trump, President’s Daughter in Law, Sent to Hospital over Suspicious Letter with White Powder- Liberals Crack Jokes

Screenshot of Twitter photo- Vanessa Trump and Donald J. Trump Jr.

Vanessa Trump, daughter-in-law to the President, was taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center along with three others as a precaution after opening a letter that contained white powder on Monday. The white powder was reportedly a non-toxic material and was sent the lab for analysis. But, as usual, the idiots on Twitter went wild with their hate.

Vanessa Trump is the wife of Donald J Trump Jr. She’s a mother of five children.

“How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children? This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.” Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney.

Yesterday the media was praising North Korea.

Pretty low, actually. Here’s how disturbed the left really is:

I’ll apologize for making a joke about this & we will learn it was nothing but a really awful prank, but it’s just so hard to believe anything they say. It’s like The Family Who Cried Wolf. #VanessaTrump #NoDistractions https://t.co/hkFzmD0HVT

Lefties already claiming the white powder sent to Trump was a conspiracy. pic.twitter.com/2Jf3mD0SyA

What is wrong with these people? pic.twitter.com/RKTCsuqqFO

Don Jr’s wife sent to the hospital after opening letter w white substance. Here are some leftist hot-takes. pic.twitter.com/6ubCZqhTTH

Fall ’17 Donald Trump Jr. ended SS protection. The reason for this was obvious: he’s under investigation for conspiring with Russia. Later CNN reported his SS was restored but was it really? SS never reveals who they are or aren’t covering. White powder slip-up is not like them.

I don’t believe the Donald Trump Jr. white powder story for a second. The entire family is a bunch of liars. Nice distraction technique though.

Given the entire Trump family’s loose association with the truth, I’m not prepared to buy the “hospitalized from suspicious white powder” story just yet. Before you come at me, this reaction is Donald Trump Jr’s fault, not mine.

Donald Trump Jr. – The white powder turned out to be a big nothing. I guess they were hoping this would distract us from TrumpTreason for a day at least.

So it took verified liberals about 10 minutes before they started joking about the white powder letter sent to Don Jr which his wife opened & was then hospitalized over. pic.twitter.com/MK4WE6BN4X

I know people are saying it could be anthrax, but my preferred theory is that Don Jr. asked one of his buddies to mail him cocaine

fingers crossed that he gives it a good sniff to check just in case


H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children



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