VA: Dems run scared, big names may not help McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe (Wikimedia Commons)

The Virginia governor’s race is at a dead heat, and Democrats are in a panic, bringing in some of the party’s biggest names in an effort to bolster former Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s campaign against fresh GOP newcomer Glenn Youngkin.

Will it work? Net Tuesday Virginians go to the polls, and only then will anyone really find out, but in the meantime, McAuliffe is under fire not only from conservatives, but also from the media. Washington Post Fact-Checker Glenn Kessler gave McAuliffe a “four Pinocchio” ranking for repeatedly “inflating the number of COVID cases” in the Commonwealth, according to Fox News.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll of likely Virginia voters puts McAuliffe at 45.6 percent and Youngkin at 45.2 percent, statistically a dead even race with less than a week before the election. That’s why Big name Democrats including Barack Obama and Kamala Harris have made appearances in recent days.

Virginia conservatives, especially its gun owners, know McAuliffe as a far left associate of Bill and Hillary Clinton, who supported gun control measures during his first term and they are confident he will continue pushing more stringent measures if he gets back in the governor’s mansion in Richmond.

Democrats have pulled out all the stops, even suggesting Youngkin is something of a Donald Trump clone. The former president is not popular in parts of the Old Dominion, but on the other hand, Joe Biden is no ratings champ, either. Biden’s stammering performance during an appearance at a McAuliffe rally Tuesday only reinforced notions that he not entirely cognitive.

Indeed, some pundits have suggested Biden’s unpopularity may actually be a drag on McAuliffe.

Perhaps more alarming than anything, Fox News interviewed McAuliffe supporters who really had no specific reason to support him, other than he’s a Democrat.

Passages like this can be found, making Democrat voters look more like Pavlovian puppies:

“Why am I supporting Terry McAuliffe? Number one, I want to keep Virginia blue,” a former teacher stated.

“Personally, I don’t know him, but only thing is because he’s a Democrat,” one man admitted.

“We need a Democrat to run this state of ours. Anything he does is good with me,” another woman commented, according to the Fox News story.

Virginia gun owners are expected to turn out in big numbers because of what Democrats under outgoing Gov. Ralph Northam, who championed extremist gun control. He was able to push that agenda in January 2020 with Democrats in control of the Assembly for the first time in years due to a low November 2019 voter turnout. But in January 2020, more than 20,000 gun owners descended on Richmond, only to be ignored by the Democrats. That is not likely to happen again. Tuesday will tell the tale.


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