Va. Dem. Mike Dickinson: ‘A dead teabagger is a good teabagger’

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Mike-DickinsonMike Dickinson, the unhinged Virginia nutjob who wants the House seat currently held by Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Va., issued a tweet Wednesday expressing his desire to see members of the Tea Party dead.

“A dead teabagger is a good teabagger,” he said in a tweet responding to a critic.  “Terrorists.”

This unhinged message was sent about the same time he issued other tweets offering a $100,000 reward for nude photos or videos of Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who also happens to be a big-game hunter.

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Yes, this freak really wants to be in Congress.  He’s not on the ballot, however, and local Democrats don’t think very highly of him.  Nevertheless, he insists he’s running as a “left wing liberal.”  As though there’s such a thing as a “right wing liberal.”

It’s not the first time Dickinson has expressed a desire to see Tea Party members dead, and he has even issued tweets threatening to shoot random Tea Party members if they invade his space.

And it’s not just members of the Tea Party he wants murdered:

Then there was this little gem he tweeted back in May:


Yes, Virginia, liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate, and unhinged moonbats like Mike Dickinson prove that every day.  This man should not be on a ballot, he should be in a straight-jacket bouncing off rubber walls.

Conservatives should take note: This is the real Democrat Party…

More on Mike Dickinson can be found here:

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