USMC Veteran-Texas Cop’s “Rock Monkeys” Comment Creates Controversy

USMC veteran Mike Jones is running for a 3rd term as Constable in Ellis County, Texas, Precinct 4. He has run into opposition from a reporter at the Dallas Morning News who is spinning his own comments against him – because he called ISIS a bunch of “rock monkeys.”  It’s the same “Islamophobe” cry that is being used across the country on good people to paint them as racist.

An unapologetic Marine

When we caught up with him, we found a true American, tough Marine, and someone who doesn’t really care what a liberal news reporter, or even ISIS, thinks about his opinion.  The controversial post contained strong words- typical of a US Marine. He even altered it to add “ISIS” so that people would understand its meaning.

“Here is my foreign policy: You kill one of our Americans anywhere in the world we take out your whole family, your entire blood line will cease to exist. You take one of our Americans as hostage (Iran, Somalia, North Korea) we take your loved ones Hostage and any assets in American control are automatically forfeited. The only way to keep our citizens safe at home or abroad is to meet violence with extreme violence!! We need to be STRONG once again. How dare the President of the United States not insist the release of Americans in Iran, much less not give an absolute deadline before we rain thunder upon them. That is the only thing these rock monkeys (ISIS) in the Middle East understand. Even more of a reason to be armed!!! You must protect yourself and those Americans around you!” 

Is America headed for a recession?

The Dallas Morning News carried a not-so-favorable article on Constable Jones, which caused him to attempt clarify his stand. He refused to apologize, but tried to clarify his message.  But the reporter started tweeting, in thinly veiled attempts to damage the candidate. The publicity from that article has been fierce – fortunately, Breitbart picked it up and ran a favorable one to counter it.

usmc veteran

Gun Free Zones and the ‘Ambush’

The controversy actually didn’t start with the “rock monkey” statement. It was over a meme created by Constable Jones about “Gun Free Zones” being dangerous. I asked him if he had ever encountered such vitriol before in his other runs for office. Let’s ask this question- why has this happened NOW and not the other two times?

“I have not experienced this or any type of hatred before, so this is all new to me. I know I can be opinionated, but I try not to force folks to adapt to my opinions. This was an ambush, more than likely directed by or on behalf of my opponent.

This reporter, Avi Selk, is just a low level reporter for a liberal newspaper. Apparently he attempts to put people like me on trial with the local Dallas County Muslim population and tries to accuse us of hate for all Muslims.

I don’t know this guy, and I don’t care to. I make no apologies for my disgust for ISIS, and he tried to make that into I hate all Muslims here in the USA. Nowhere was that written or alluded to by me. What he has done is bring my thoughts to the American people… We are tired of the Political Correctness.”

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Shall Not Be Infringed

Mike is a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment.

“Good people don’t carry weapons in GUN FREE ZONES, but bad people do.”

“My cause wasn’t about ISIS; that just happened to be a rant connected with a Meme I posted. The cause (which has been entirely overlooked and never mentioned) was about GUN FREE ZONES, and how they are getting our people killed. We as law enforcement cannot protect everyone every day. But there is a SOLUTION. You can protect yourself. That is by carrying a weapon at all times.

The Federal Government has decided we need GUN FREE ZONES, and if convicted of carrying a weapon in a GUN FREE ZONE, you face a felony charge and imprisonment. So good people don’t carry weapons in GUN FREE ZONES, but bad people do. 92% of the mass killings in the USA are in GUN FREE ZONES. Our legislators should be brought up on charges of dereliction of duty.

Their duty is to PROTECT the people, yet we make it a felony to protect ourselves!

In Texas, (Thank God) Senator Brian Birdwell LtCol, USA, himself gravely injured and burned over 80 percent of his body by Jet fuel igniting from the 9/11 terrorist attack of the Pentagon, was able to pass the “CAMPUS CARRY” bill in Texas this session. This will allow Concealed Carry licensed owners to carry on CAMPUS!! If we can do that in Texas, why not everywhere else? That was my meme. However, I am strong enough to carry the weight of what is happening now too. If liberals want to protect the reputation of terrorists in Syria, Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries, then I am more than willing to take the fight to them. I am an AMERICAN FIGHTING MAN.”

Constable Mike Jones

The American Fighting Man- A Marine and Cop Through and Through 

When Constable Jones calls himself an American fighting man, he is not kidding. He comes from a long line of U.S. Marines and he is proud of it.

“My Nephew is still serving, and he is currently a CWO3 on the east coast.  He will serve until he has at least 20, but possibly will go to 30 years.  His brother’s son (my Great Nephew) has already joined, but is on a delayed entry awaiting a boat space.  I am very proud of my family’s continued Marine Corps lineage…

I am a Marine Corps Brat. My dad was a career Marine, and he was stationed at MCRD San Diego as a drill instructor in 1959 where I was born at the Naval Hospital.  We moved all over the United States, but mainly we were in Southern California (Camp Pendleton).  I also spent my 2nd and 3rd grade years going to Matthew C Perry School at the Marine Base in Iwakuni, Japan.  My dad had become a Marine officer, and was assigned there as Station Adjutant (1967 – 69 time frame).

We lived off base, and we would have to go through the Gate to get to school every day.  I remember seeing the young Marines manning the gates.  They were clean cut and looked awesome waving people on base.”  

 “I knew right then that I would grow up to be a Marine… there was never a doubt in my mind.”  

Mike’s Marine Corps career spanned from 1978 to 1999.  He is a top notch shooter as well. His first promotion happened one day before the Marine Corps Birthday prior to his graduation from boot camp. Eventually, after several deployments, Mike retired in 1999 as the Maintenance Chief and Master Sergeant (E8) of the VMFA 112.

On the Constitution- speaking FOR people, not down to them

“I strongly reject the notion that we must make new laws over and over.  I am for a smaller government footprint not an ever increasing one.  The second amendment gives me the absolute right to keep and bear arms! Period.  It does not say “providing you pass a back ground check” or “providing you pass a gun course and fire satisfactorily on the range at paper targets.” 

Neither does it say “You must have the FBI check and make sure you meet some standard of character”… We have written all of these into the process of Keeping and Bearing Arms!  I say BULL!  Government Officials are just like I am.  We are elected by the people for the people!!!  When you are elected, on the minute you swear in, you should be the same person you were previous to being elected.  So many of them, if not all of them change and decide they are so much smarter than the folks who elected them, that they feel the need to tell them how to live their life in our FREE country.  So we must write more laws.  I strongly disagree.”  

“The people who elected me just want me to take their will to the government.  I speak for them not down to them!”

 “Every elected official who thinks I am naïve should resign his place of office and leave with his head hung low. You are a disgrace to your nation.  We need our officials to tell the Supreme Court that our country is founded on our Christian faith, and leave our way of life alone.  We want our Ten Commandments back on display; we want our children to be allowed to pray in school without fear of retaliation.  We want our kids to recite the pledge of allegiance to our country every morning before school commences.  You can go rename a mountain in Alaska, but you can’t entertain a bill that will allow our citizens the power to protect themselves?  Shameful.”  

“Our people are so good, that they do what they are told, and they leave their weapons at home and become casualties because of it…” 

Constable Jones has survived two terms as the Constable of Ellis County, Texas. His constituents have had a man of strength working for them. They have voted for him in the past – we hope they will keep the faith and vote for him again, regardless of the attacks.  Semper Fi, Constable.

You are an American. Act like it! Tell your legislators that you are sending them home if they don’t get their act right.  There are plenty of people out there just like me who can take their place and get this country out of the gutter and back to being strong again!!!  We need our young military boys to come back from war and run for office. They know what it’s like to put their lives on the line for the Red, White and Blue.  They know!” Constable Jones

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