UN’s ‘Gay Envoy’ slams religious freedom

Godless gays on parade. Chick repellent incarnate. (Wiki)
Gay paraders: Chick repellent incarnate. (Wiki)

Gay globalist’s grudge against God…

Deeply ingrained in the American mindset is that every one of us has the civic right to worship, or not worship as the case may be, as each of us sees fit.

But with the snappy title of United Nation Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Thailand’s Vitit Muntarbhorn is essentially the United Nations ambassador for all things gay.

And it’s a safe bet that Mr. Muntarbhorn isn’t afraid to sacrifice religious freedom at the altar of political correctness when it comes to forcing acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.

As reported by Thomas Williams of the Breitbart.com news portal;

The United Nations envoy for gay rights has declared that when there is a clash between homosexual rights and religious liberty it must be recalled that “freedom of expression and religious freedom are not absolute rights and may be limited if necessary.”

In a recent public consultation, the UN’s newly appointed “independent expert” on the defense of LGTB rights, Vitit Muntarbhorn, said that negative moral judgments on homosexual activity were a recent phenomenon, stemming from “colonial law.”

“More recently, in colonial law, or remnants of colonial law, gays were criminalized, are criminalized, even though beforehand they were not criminalized,” he claimed during the Jan. 25 conference.

The United Nation's Vitit Muntarbhorn. (Twitter)
The United Nation’s Vitit Muntarbhorn. (Twitter)

When challenged about the clash between LGBT rights and religious freedom by Henk Jan van Schothorst of the Transatlantic Christian Council, Muntarbhorn said that religious freedom is not absolute and must yield to homosexual rights.

“There are some absolute rights,” he said in apparent reference to LGBT rights, “but there are some that are not absolute.” He went on to explain that “freedom of expression and expression of religion” are not absolute rights and that they can be curtailed when necessary.

While praising a desire to engage with the “heart of religion,” Muntarbhorn said this should be done “without the mythology overriding the heart of the religion.”

The independent expert also emphasized the role of education so children can be “born and bred from a young age” with the right attitudes toward sexual orientation and identity, a practice that some have denounced as indoctrination or even “gender ideology” or “ideological colonization.”


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