Unknown Party Edits Wikipedia, adds Trump’s Name to Obstruction

During the Comey hearing on Thursday, someone edited the Wikipedia entry for “obstruction of justice” to list President Donald Trump as one of many “notable examples.”

The IP address used — — is one that originates from the U.S. House of Representatives, but could have been spoofed, or changed, to appear as though it came from the House.

PJ Media Reported:

“Obstruction of justice Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives,” tweeted congress-edits, a bot account that reports on anonymous Wikipedia edits made from IP addresses in the U.S. Congress.


Democrats and the liberal media argue that Trump, in firing former FBI Director Comey, obstructed justice by attempting to prevent an FBI investigation into Michael Flynn. A reporter for The New York Times, Adam Liptak, found examples of people being convicted of obstruction of justice for statements of hope.

Unknown Party Edits Wikipedia, adds Trump’s Name to Obstruction

Unknown Party Edits Wikipedia, adds Trump’s Name to ObstructionBut when Comey was asked point-blank if Trump asked him to stop the investigation, the former FBI director said, “Not to my understanding, no.”

Former U.S. attorney Matthew Whitaker told CNN, “There is no criminal case to be made on an obstruction of justice.”

“We have the star witness that testified, and quite frankly, his story doesn’t rise to the level of intent necessary on behalf of the president to even substantiate a criminal case,” Whitaker explained.

Indeed, liberals face a difficult situation. If Trump is guilty of obstructing justice for his statements and actions toward Comey, it is arguable that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is also guilty. During his testimony Thursday, Comey explained that Lynch told him only to refer to the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton as a “matter.” He further revealed that he found this “concerning” and a “conflict of interest.”

Whether or not the edit originated from someone in the US House of Representatives, in 2014, PC Magazine reported that Members of the U.S. House of Representatives—or at least, somebody using one of the IP addresses that’s connected to said distinguished body—have gone and gotten themselves a 10-day ban on Wikipedia.

It doesn’t appear as if Wikipedia has banished the entire IP address range dedicated to the House, which goes from all the way to, as some reports have stated. Instead, the sole IP address that received the 10-day penalty was, though it’s a shared address used by unknown numbers of people associated with the legislative body.

The reason for the 10-day block was cited as vandalism by Wikipedia users and it appears that the user or users to blame for it had caused hijinks on the site before.

“The vandalism from this IP is steadily increasing. At what point should the IP be blocked? Almost all of the edits are being rolled back within minutes thanks to the congress-edits account,” wrote Wikipedia user Tenthrow.

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