University dumps lecture over chalk message critical of terrorists

Author Nonie Darwish - Facebook
Author Nonie Darwish – Facebook

On Thursday, reported that Wingate University in North Carolina ditched a lecture by author Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim of Egyptian descent.  The reason? Chalk messages critical of terrorists that asks, “Why do terrorists hate America?”

According to the school, these chalkings are of “extreme concern.”

“Concerns have also come to my attention regarding ‘flyers’ that have been posted around campus and although I have not seen them personally, this in conjunction with the concern of a number of individuals that have reached out to me is yet again concerning,” said a school administrator in an email to Young Americand for Freedom.

Breitbart added:

Evidently not a matter of concern was the administrator’s admission that she hadn’t even seen the concerning messages that made her concerned enough to pull the plug on the concerning lecture this uncertain number of unnamed individuals expressed their concerns about.

The flyers and chalk drawings in question included the title of Darwish’s lecture: “Why Terrorists Hate America and the West.”

“We do not promote and/or associate hate with a Faith Lyceum event,” the administrator declared — an interesting standard, given that the Lyceum program compares itself to Aristotle’s lectures, boasts of airing “big ideas,” and claims to be a program “designed to expose students to ideas and opportunities they don’t have in the classroom.”

“I am requesting that you immediately remove all flyers that promote this event as a Lyceum and would ask that you remove all chalk advertisements as well,” the administrator told the YAF. “With this no longer being a Lyceum, I also am no longer able to fund this event and ask that you please plan accordingly.”

The Wingate YAF correctly called the decision “cowardly.”

This is yet another example of left-wing political correctness which threatens to destroy America from within.


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