United States, national anthem, trees, childhood among Buzzfeed’s list of things white people ruined in 2017

On Wednesday, Buzzfeed posted an “article” highlighting what it claims are 37 things white people apparently ruined in 2017.  The article really doesn’t say anything, but includes tweets and social media posts of things it says white people need to “stop ruining” in the new year.  Among the list are: the United States, the national anthem, macaroni and cheese, trees and childhood.

Here’s a few more items on Buzzfeed’s list:


The Oscars:

The Grammys:

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Some dances we never heard of also made the list along with “Saying things like ‘YAAASSS queen!!!’ and ‘Snatched my wig.'”

We’re not entirely certain what the writer of this “article” had to say, because Patrice Peck really didn’t say anything.  The only thing we can get is that Peck apparently doesn’t like white people very much.

Twitchy “went there” and had the audacity to ask what might happen if the post was about any other race?

Of course, we all know what would happen…


Wounded warrior J.R. Salzman added:

Good luck with that…

This, by the way, is the modern racist, hate-filled left…  Let that sink in for just a moment.


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Banned: How Facebook enables militant Islamic jihad – Source: Author (used with permission)