Union Fires Workers Who Try to Unionize

Union_membership_in_us_1930-2010Unions don’t have to play by the rules.  Why should they, when they own the Democratic party?  Being liberal means to never having to say you’re sorry.

In what has to be one of the most ironic and hypocritical actions seen in this country, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) fired some of it’s non union employees for trying to unionize.  Some of the fired workers complained about not receiving pay for overtime, which is against labor laws under any circumstance but not under democrats.  Every penny paid for overtime is one less penny they can contribute to liberals who in turn give them whatever they want.

One worker said:

“As union organizers, it’s our job to teach people about their labor rights and how to be more effective at Walmart.  Is all for workers’ rights yet it denied its own staff union contracts and didn’t pay us overtime and eventually fired us for reaching out to a union.”

The UFCW has been the front group in trying to unionize Walmart.  They are using the front group “Our Walmart” to try to force Walmart to accept the union.  Many Walmart workers have joined demonstrations without thinking clearly about their options.  Walmart became large and employs 2.1 million employees or about 1% of all people in the workforce by lowering prices.  They also offer more starting pay than most companies who offer entry level positions at nine dollars an hour and the average pay is twelve dollars and ninety four cents.

If the employees fight Walmart over a pail of milk, the union will end up with the cow.  Walmart would have two choices.  They could lay off workers, starting with the greeter positions usually manned by elderly workers trying to make a little extra money or they could use technology.  Meijer grocery stores in Ohio have already begun using self service lanes for large purchases and it only takes one employee for every four lanes, eliminating 75% of their required workforce.

During the harsh economic times of the Obama administration, saving money at Walmart has helped millions survive the ravages of liberalism.

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