Unhinged Trump-hater Cher calls for Trump to be RAPED in prison

Liberalism, as I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, is an ideology of insane bloodthirsty rage and hate.  Cher, the singer who doubles as one of the most unhinged and outspoken left-wing Trump-haters on social media, said she wanted to see Trump impeached, thrown in jail and turned into a “boy toy of Big Bubba.”

In other words, Cher just advocated sexual violence and rape simply because she hates Donald Trump.

““Been giving impeachment much thought throughout the day & I would [love] 2 see Trump impeached, brought 2 trial, [locked] up in [chains], & boy toy of Big Bubba. My Delight In Seeing trump Run Out Of Town On a Rail, Is More Likely [love] over [brains]. I WANT WHAT’S BEST 4 DEMOCRATS AND DEMOCRACY,” she said.  Emojis were used to convey the words in brackets.  Apparently, Cher finds that it’s easier to communicate with pictures…

She never apologized, although she did delete the tweet.

Later, she wrote: “This is Not Apology,It’s a Cher ‘wtf Moment’.Dont Usually Delete My Twts,But Sometimes I Need 2 Check Myself.What I Thought Of As Stupid Joke’On Paper’,Went 2 Far.Think trump Belongs In Jail,but Big Bubba Joke Was Wrong.If I Twt,I Have a Responsibility. THERES IS A LINE NOT 2 X”

Quite a few found her tweet appalling and disgusting, including Piers Morgan:

Others weighed in:

We looked and discovered that Cher is not only an unhinged, bloodthirsty, out-of-control hatemonger, she’s your typical left-wing bully in that she can spout her hatred like the average grammar-challenged keyboard warrior, but then runs when faced with the possibility of criticism.


Of course, we’ve known just how unhinged Cher is for a long time.  Back in 2013, for example, she suggested killing Tea Party Republicans on her Twitter account.  So violent rhetoric is nothing new for Cher at all.

A post at the Gateway Pundit tells us she fell for fake news regarding the USS John McCain while posting even more incoherent rants.

Of course.

Scratch a liberal, find a hatemonger…


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