Unhinged MSNBC panel foments hate, violence: GOPers are ‘North Korean soldiers’ led by racist Trump

I once referred to MSNBC as the official network of insane liberal hate.  It seems that description is still appropriate, according to a recent report at Newsbusters.  On Friday, Chris Matthews, along with fellow propagandist Joy Reid and Jennifer Rubin, a Trump-hating fake “conservative” who bloviates at the anti-Trump Washington Post, compared Republicans to North Korean soldiers led by a “racist” Donald Trump.

According to Curtis Houck:

Matthews moved the conversation to Trump’s White House event featuring HUD Secretary Ben Carson in which he signed a declaration ahead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

The liberal host complimented Carson as “a good guy,” but faux Republican Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin dismissed him because he won’t quit his job (and presumably join the Resistance).

Out of the blue, Matthews regurgitated an insult about Republicans exhibiting “lemming behavior” and “marching in line” behind Trump “like North Korean infantrymen.”

Reid then attacked African-American Trump supporters.

“I agree with Jennifer, Ben Carson absolutely does not need to be there. He has a career and a reputation that was separate and distinct from Donald Trump. Donald Trump disparaged him during the campaign and now he’s as sniveling and supine as the rest of them and all of those African-Americans, Trump’s sort of black friends assembled around him…all of these people, they obviously are just grubbing for position…None of them have any credibly with the black community,” she said.

Matthews expressed reservations, but Reid doubled down, referring to black Trump supporters as “decorative” items.

Houck added:

House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t escape ridicule with Rubin lambasting him as being “pathetic,” lamenting “how far he has fallen” and decried his denouncement of Trump’s “s***hole countries” comment as “outrageous.”

Matthews then attacked him as a “not very personal” human being who only cares about his “Ayn Rand, objectivist goals” and “doesn’t care about these moral questions or these issues of how we should talk as American.”

Ryan believes in the sanctities of life and traditional marriage while Matthews and Reid don’t, but sure, tell me how Paul Ryan doesn’t have any morality.

Reid replied that “[t]here has never been a more single-minded politician than Paul Ryan” because the “pathetic” Speaker “cares only about eviscerating the social safety net, repealing the 20th century, all of the New Deal, the Great Society, he wants that gone.” 

Before Matthews wrapped things up, Reid told him that the GOP will always “fall in line” since, “[a]s you said, they’re the North Korean army marching behind the Dear Leader.”

Reid, by the way, is the MSNBC hack who once suggested Rep. Steve Scalise deserved to get shot by a deranged leftist for his conservative views.  She has also expressed her hatred of average Americans who support the president.

It seems that after all these years, MSNBC is still the official network of insane liberal hate…


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