Unhinged: Disgraced former Dem. official calls for eating Republicans, blowing up 2016 GOP convention

brauerI’ve said it before: Liberalism is an ideology of genocidal hate and rage.

Nothing proves that maxim more than the online rantings of Allan Brauer, former communications chief of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County, who recently was forced to resign after advocating the brutal, painful death of the children of Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter.  He apologized to Carpenter and she accepted.  But, Examiner.com’s Patricia Campion said, his hatred of anything to the right of Josef Stalin drove him to recently advocate cannibalism and domestic terrorism.

Campion wrote:

On Thursday, Brauer engaged in a lengthy and disturbing exchange to encourage cannibalism with those who supported his egregious statement, giving it the hashtag — #EatTheGOP.”

She posted some of his entries:

Sean Hannity would look perfect on your Thanksgiving table with an apple in his mouth. #EatTheGOP

Call out the hounds! We’re having a Virginia Foxxhunt. #EatTheGOP

For dessert, who doesn’t love an Olympia Snoweball? #EatTheGOP

Make your next “tea party” a hit with finger sandwiches made from Ted Cruz’s fingers! #EatTheGOP

For a tasty shish kebab, altnerate chunks of John Boehner and Michele Bachmann, separated with vegetable slices. #EatTheGOP

Properly butchered and frozen, Rush Limbaugh could feed a family of four for six months. #EatTheGOP

But there’s more:

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He also suggested engaging in a bit of domestic terrorism, suggesting the 2016 GOP convention be bombed with a nuclear device:

And of course, all Republicans are going to hell, he said, so let’s help them be on their way:

“It’s official,” Brauer confessed. “I hate people.”
That much is obvious.
Make no mistake — this is not an aberration.  This is the modern Democratic Party.  No doubt, cannibalism and domestic terrorism will become part of their next party platform.  Right along with abortion, infanticide and death panels.
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