Under watchful eye of Che Guevara, Obama gives Brussels short shrift


The ISIS Islamic Jihadists have already taken responsibility for the double bombings that have rocked Brussels as reported by Ashley Cowburn and Lizzie Dearden of Britain’s The Independent on Mar. 22, 2016. As reported, the casualty count so far is at least 31 dead, and almost 200 injured, many of them seriously. In the constantly updated article, one of the explosive devices was secreted in a suitcase, and as per standard ISIS tactics of seeking the bloodiest outcome possible, the bomb was wrapped with nails.

Meanwhile, nearly 5,000 miles from the bloodshed and carnage of the Belgian capital, the American president is basking in the warmth of the Cuban sunshine as he preps to attend a baseball game today hosted by the island nation’s Communist leadership. However, as Charlie Spiering of the Breitbart.com news portal noted on Mar. 22, 2016, as Obama delivered what was touted as a “historic” speech delivered in Havana, Obama did make find time to mention of the slaughter in Belgium.

Ostensibly understood that the American Chief Executive was briefed that out NATO ally had effectively sealed its borders and that the citizens normally living and working in downtown Brussels were rapidly emptying the city center for fear of other ISIS suicide attacks. Without ever mentioning ISIS nor Islamic jihadism, Obama in fact did mention the terrorist attack. As Spiering notes, for an entire 50 seconds.

As opined by James Barrett of the new media portal The Daily Wire on Mar. 21, 2016, the now iconic photos of both Obama and John Kerry standing at attention in Havana’s Revolution Square with Cuba’s Communist honchos under the proverbial eye of Ernesto “Che” Guevara “says it all”. As Barrett also cited in a recent report from the Associated Press, the news service stated of Guevara, “one of Fidel Castro’s top lieutenants, his face an iconic symbol of Cuba’s revolution that is revered by some but reviled by others.”

To wit, Barrett responded, “Why is Che Guevara ‘reviled’ by many? Because he was a brutal mass-murderer, Fidel’s chief executioner, who helped erect a tyrannical military state to enslave his own people. But of course, the facts don’t matter when it comes to t-shirts and photo-ops.” Also cited was that in the hours prior to Obama’s arrival, 50 free speech dissidents were “violently arrested.”

Despite Guevara having near god-like status in Cuba and on more than a few American university campuses, there’s plenty of historical evidence available to support Barrett’s accusation. As the World Affairs Journal published in 2014, “As Guevara wrote to a friend in 1957, ‘My ideological training means that I am one of those people who believe that the solution to the world’s problems is to be found behind the Iron Curtain.’” It was also cited that “‘It was [Che] and not Fidel who in 1960 invented Cuba’s first corrective work camp,’ or what the Americans would call a slave labor camp and the Russians called the gulag.””

Also cited in 2008 by Collegiate Times, “In 1964, Guevara got a hero’s welcome in New York City as he spoke to the United Nations and bellowed, ‘Executions? Certainly, we execute! And we will continue executing as long as it is necessary!’ As he was rushed from one socialite party to the next that night, New Yorkers gushed over him. Only after he left America did the New York Police Department discover his plot with the Black Liberation Army to blow up the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, and the Washington Monument.”

[Editor’s note: No wonder liberals love Che Guevara so much…]


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