Under Biden’s ‘America Last’ Policies, Who Benefits And Who Pays?

Many of the independent, undecided and even Democrat voters who chose Joe Biden over President Trump last November did so in hopes that his “moderate” demeanor would signal a return to some sort of “normalcy.”

However, from the moment he took office on January 20th, Biden has proven himself to be anything but moderate. So far Biden seems far more concerned with pandering to the “AOC” wing of his party while the American people pay the price.

On day one of his presidency, Biden rescinded permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, killing an estimated 40,000 high-paying American jobs with the stroke of a pen. He followed this blatant swipe at the American worker again last week by voicing his approval for Vladimir Putin’s plans to build a similar pipeline through Russia and Germany. Critics say this will only strengthen Russia’s dominance over Western Europe’s gas supply. All this while America went from energy independence under Trump, to gas shortages and price hikes under Biden.  Lunch Bucket Joe supports Russian jobs over American workers. And we were led to believe the other guy was the “Russian asset.”

Russia isn’t the only one benefitting from Biden’s policies while the American people reap the consequences. Just this week the president boasted about the amount of time he has spent conferring and traveling with Xi Xin Peng, leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP is responsible for countless egregious human rights violations, including but not limited to the internment and subjugation of millions of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang Province. Biden has in the past chocked these abuses up to a simple “difference in cultural norms,” however this week he made the shocking claim that from his discussions with Xi Xin Peng, he has ascertained that the dictator “fully expects to own the US by the year 3035.” Presumably he meant to say “2035”, though neither case bodes particularly well for you or me.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Biden’s foreign policy blunders have also endangered our longtime ally Israel by seemingly reverting to the old “concessions for peace” strategy which had been a proven failure until Trump changed the landscape with his historic peace treaties. While the Abraham Accords have held strong thus far, with none of the countries signed on to those agreements engaging in the conflict or supporting Palestine, the same can’t be said for western leftists. While Biden has continued to send aid to Israel and even stated his belief in their right to defend themselves, he has also continued funneling money to the terrorist regime Hamas, thus fueling the attacks on innocent Israeli citizens. At the same time, the Biden administration continues to feign moral equivalency between the two sides of the conflict, with some party members even calling for him to cut off all US aid to Israel. It is yet to be seen if Biden will bend the knee to his anti-Semitic party affiliates or stand with our true allies. Given his track record so far, I am doubtful.

The Border crisis has been exasperated to unseen degrees under Biden’s “leadership”. His campaign promise to halt all Trump-era border policy enforcement served as an open invitation to tens of thousands of undocumented immigrants. This has led directly to facilities on the border running up to over 700% capacity as of April, with immigrant children sleeping tightly packed together with nothing but an aluminum blanket and the clothes on their back. Progressives, who for years shouted about the inhumanity of the Trump administration’s deportation policies, have been suspiciously quiet on this front. Biden announced this week that he would even seek to bring back all of the more than 940,000 illegals deported under Trump, even hinting at a reparations program, all by executive order and all on the American taxpayer’s dime. The age of America First is decidedly over. The old “pen and phone” ways of the Obama era have made an unwelcome, not to mention unconstitutional return.

President Biden’s outright refusal to voice support for the nations police departments, allowing his radical-left cohorts to pass destructive legislation has led to yet another spike in crime rates especially in major cities across the US. Police are afraid to do their jobs and are resigning en masse, for rightful fear of corrupt Democrat prosecutors who would rather punish them for doing their jobs than enforce the laws in their districts. Innocent people are being killed because all the left cares about is their woke narrative. The military hasn’t escaped the ire of the left either. With intense vetting for “extremism” becoming the primary focus of military higher-ups, and with their definition of “extremism” being expanded to include “right-wing ideologies,” it seems what’s going on is just another witch hunt directed against freedom loving Americans who hold conservative values.

So, who has Biden helped since taking office? Well Russia, China, Hamas and AOC are all getting what they likely paid for, but what about the American people who supposedly elected him? We’ve seen simultaneous gas shortages and price hikes coupled with skyrocketing inflation, unemployment, soaring crime rates, lack of police support, a swift move away from our recently attained energy Independence, and higher tax rates across the board. Not to mention the demagoguery, lies and hypocrisy coming from the administration occupying the White House. America is hurting. So are her citizens. But we can all rest assured that under the watch of Biden and the Democrats, our enemies domestic and abroad will always be just fine. “America Last” has returned and it’s the duty of every American to refute these harmful ideas. If we don’t make our opposition known, we could be headed for a disappointing midterm result in 2022.

Brett Kimball is a young conservative grassroots activist and part-time college student in Gaithersburg, MD.

Cross-posted with The Daily Torch


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