UNBELIEVABLE! Professor compares Trump presidency to RAPE!


The nationwide campus protests don’t seem to be getting the job done. So this University of Arizona professor upped the game. She says a Trump presidency is like rape.

Her justification? She did not consent.

Dennis Michael Lynch reported:

The woman, Jess Kapp, says in her blog that she is the associate department head and a senior lecturer in the geosciences department at the University of Arizona…

She wrote the condemning piece against President-elect Trump in her online blog on Tuesday, using such accusations as “gang rape” and “plundering our country.”

Here’s the link to the entire tirade from her blog, with highlights listed below:

Donald Trump as president of this country—a country that is supposed to be built on the principle of freedom—is rape.

I, for one, do not consent.

He whispers promises of protection with crossed fingers behind his back, and while we prepare to give him a chance, turning our heads from his proven history of lies, he will attack us bareback and ride us until we tear. And just when we think it is going to let up, he will escalate the assault to gang rape.

Yes. I said gang rape.

We cannot be the nation that stands quietly by and says, let’s give him a chance. I wanted to—I wanted to go high, choose to be hopeful, and give the man that (fewer) people voted into office a chance to lead. But in the span of a few days, for me, he has lost that chance. He gave it up the minute he invited a white supremacist domestic abuser into his inner circle. He gave it up the minute he appointed his pro gay-conversion-therapy homophobic VP to lead his transition team. He gave it up the minute he even considered a creationist to lead up education in this country.

We cannot give him a chance.

This is priceless! Wasn’t it just eight years ago, the left was crying “give him a chance!” about Obama?

Try to contain your laughter.

The people voted for change when they voted for Trump. This is a good place to start.


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