UK bans anti-Islamic U.S. bloggers, says presence ‘not conducive to the public good’

Geller-SpencerIt seems that in today’s topsy-turvy world where evil is good and good is evil, free speech — or rather, speech that is critical of Islam — is not welcome in once-free societies like the UK.

Two prominent U.S. bloggers known for their criticism of Islam — Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer — were told they were not welcome in the UK, the BBC reported, because of their criticisms of Islam.

They were scheduled to speak at an English Defence League march in Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight by a Muslim.

The BBC added:

A government spokesman said individuals whose presence “is not conducive to the public good” could be excluded by the home secretary.

He added: “We condemn all those whose behaviours and views run counter to our shared values and will not stand for extremism in any form.”

So, hacking a British soldier to death in front of witnesses in broad daylight in the middle of the street isn’t extreme?

Are these people nuts?

Shorter version of the spokesman’s statement:  “You don’t think like us so you’re not welcome here.”

Sounds like a typical leftist to me.

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“I welcome the home secretary’s ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the country. This is the right decision. The UK should never become a stage for inflammatory speakers who promote hate,” said Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Apparently Vaz would rather have mobs of raving lunatics beheading more British citizens in the middle of the street in broad daylight.


Fortunately, not everyone in the UK has lost their minds.

“It’s embarrassing for this so-called land of democracy and freedom of speech,” EDL leader Tommy Robinson.  “How many hate preachers are living in this country? It just shows what sort of a two-tier system we have here.”

As we have said before, liberals — regardless of where they are — do not support free speech — they reserve it for themselves.


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