UCLA prof: White males, Trump supporters ‘greatest danger to democracy since World War II’, must be pacified by feds

Trump-supporters PTSD danger to democracyIn a post published Tuesday at the Princeton University Press blog, UCLA political science professor Michael Suk-Young Chwe argues that white males — specifically those who support GOP nominee Donald Trump, are “the greatest danger to democracy since World War II” and suggested the federal government “intervene” in an effort to “pacify” what he called “enclaves of Trump supporters.”

“The danger to democracy itself from Trump supporters is real and must be confronted,” he wrote. “It is the greatest danger to democracy since World War II, even perhaps since the Civil War, and completely internal.”

He added: “If we had done a better and earlier job with confronting, as opposed to accommodating, white and male privilege, and convincing people that what they feel is being taken away is something that they never should have felt they had in the first place, we might not have reached this situation. Combating white and male privilege is now not only about justice but also about steering democracy away from self-destruction. As it is, we made our society just inclusive enough to save it.”

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Wait, what?

Oh, there’s more — much more:

After the Civil War, the federal government found it too costly to enforce the rights of African Americans in southern states, and tolerated lynching, Jim Crow, poll taxes, and literacy tests. Only more than a century later, when the civil rights movement forced the issue, did the federal government intervene. In the coming decades, will the federal government find it too costly to intervene and “pacify” the enclaves of Trump supporters?

So, this professor thinks the federal government needs to “pacify” those who support Donald Trump?

How, exactly, does he think this will happen?

But there’s even more:

If only whites could vote, or only men could vote, Donald Trump would be elected president. The people we rely upon to save democracy are exactly those people whom the United States historically excluded: women and people of color.

That’s right — it’s not just Trump supporters — it’s whites and males.

This is just more of the same racist, idiotic claptrap we’ve been hearing from the left, which seeks to divide the nation by any means necessary.

Moreover, what this “professor” is suggesting won’t “save” democracy — just the opposite.  What he’s advocating is nothing less than oppressive tyranny where the government dictates what Americans believe.

No, professor, white Trump-supporting males aren’t the problem.  People like you who think the federal government must “pacify” those who disagree with you are the real danger.

What’s scary is that if Hillary wins, this guy could get his way — but it won’t be pretty.


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