UCCS students can now earn credit for ‘unmasking whiteness’

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Enough! How much more of this liberally sanctioned racist insanity are white people expected to endure?

People of pallor have been told now for the better part of a decade that they are “privileged” despite the fact they are individuals from many different cultures with radically differing lives. Some of us grew up in working-class families where after-school and weekend jobs were expected of the children and where making ends was sometimes a challenge.

When it came time to apply to college, none of us had an inside track by dint of his whiteness or access to a government sinecure called affirmative action.

Yet we are now reminded almost daily of something that is a readily available and immutable fact of life: that some individuals (including whites!) fare less well when afforded the same opportunities. But whites alone are supposed to feel guilty about the reality that some of those who lack either the smarts or the ambition to get ahead are people of color.

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Which brings us to the latest travesty, via Campus Reform:

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs is awarding three academic credits exclusively to white students who attend a conference dedicated to “white privilege.”

The “Unmasking Whiteness” conference will convene students and educators from across the United States this July in North Hollywood, California to explore “how being white shapes our lives” and “discover our role as white people in struggle for social justice.”

The name of one of the sponsors of this initiative,  the Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere (AWARE) is the final triumph. As the name indicates, the members of this group have white skin but have somehow “arrived” at enlightenment that enables them to combat white racism.

But if having white skin automatically brands a person at birth as an irredeemable pariah, how can members of this group claim to have escaped? About the last thing these poor fools is, is aware.


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