U.S. government, mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of Christians

U.S. government, mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of Christians
U.S. government, mainstream media continue to ignore the plight of Christians

Raymond Ibrahim, author of Crucified Again: Exposing Islam’s New War on Christians reported that at the height of one of the worst months for Christians under Islam, June 2016, both the U.S. government and the “mainstream” media continued to ignore the plight of Christians.

Ibrahim stated that despite the fact that the U.S. government has acknowledged that ISIS is committing genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria, statistics showed the number of refugees the Obama administration has welcomed since the start of 2015 is pathetic.

Ibrahim pointed out that since 2015, under the Obama administration, 5,435 Muslims from Syria were allowed into the U.S. compared to 28 Christians. And with Iraqi refugees, 11,086 were Muslims and only 433 Christians were allowed into the U.S.

Ibrahim profiled many cases of persecution of Christians across several countries during the month of June 2016 alone.

Some of those incidents pertained to where three Muslim men slaughtered a 15-year-old Christian student, Wajaesh Shono, and one of those murderers was the boy’s schoolteacher and occurred in Pakistan.

According to local sources:

“Because of Shono’s success in school, a local group of Muslims often pressured Shono to convert to Islam…. Shono’s Muslim classmates never allowed him to use their study table or chairs. They always avoided playing with him because of his Christianity, and hated when he drank water from the school tap.”

When the boy continued to insist on rejecting Islam, two men grabbed him while the third, possibly his teacher, stabbed him 15 times.

A Muslim mob killed and beheaded a Christian pastor’s wife based on a false accusation of “blasphemy” in Nigeria.

In Uganda, a boy’s father and stepmother became furious when they learned of the boy’s conversion and they began starving him, in keeping with Islamic law recommendations for apostate women and children.

In another case, Egyptian TV reported the one-sided attacks from the Muslim majority on the Christian minority as “clashes.” After arriving, the police stood back and allowed the mob to continue rioting, plundering and setting more Christian homes and vehicles on fire.

Even in Italy, the escape of radical Islamists was not to be seen when Christians reciting the rosary inside St. Anthony Church in Ventimiglia, Italy were told by refugee-volunteers to keep their prayers down as they were bothering newly arrived Muslim migrants.

“While not all, or even most, Muslims are involved, persecution of Christians by Muslims is growing, “said Ibrahim. “The report posits that such Muslim persecution is not random but rather systematic, and takes place in all languages, ethnicities, and locations.”

“As for the mainstream media, the death of a gorilla was covered six times more than the Muslim slaughter of Christians for their faith, according to a report.”

More from Raymond Ibrahim at the GateStone Institute.

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