Two Fateful Elections: U.S. Mid-terms and Israel’s PM:

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Back in mid-2020 (two and a half tortuous years ago …. feels like a lifetime), in the run-up to the most consequential U.S. election in modern history, it became an absolute imperative to sound the highest decibel alarm bells. This shrill emission was blared in several print and online venues, one of which included The Boston Broadside (May 2020 Edition), located in the bluest of cities.
At the Israeli end, said code-red was presented via What binds the radical US left is hatred for both Israel and the US (Israel National News, Oct. 11, 2020). Two sides to the same revolutionary-bent coin.
As laid out within the above evidentiary trails, the knock-on effects were guaranteed. Cemented. For, in reality, if the polar opposite took effect, that would have been the shocker! This became the obvious de facto outcome because Biden’s handlers (in fact, Obama 3.0) were recognized, by all astute pundits, as the wizards behind the curtain. As such, America’s founding principles and institutions didn’t have a snowball chance in hell of survival – they were slated, eventually and inevitably, to topple akin to dominoes, one cascading after the other. And, so they did.
Visually-speaking, the above destruction is clearly depicted within Tucker Carlson’s non-PC “show-and-tell”, This is what the collapse of civilization looks like (September 22, 2022). Plain as day.
Similarly, when the Bennett-Lapid-Abbas “arrangements” were cobbled together into jujitsu-like contortions, the handwriting was, in no uncertain terms, on the wall – as exposed within Zionism Imperiled (Israel National News, November 14, 2021) and elsewhere. And, so it goes, round and round, within Israel’s mish-mashed, fractured political system. Dysfunctional. Unfathomably, the opportunistic, post/anti-Zionist triad (even after Bennett’s party, Yamina, corralled the LEAST amount of votes) became the king-makers – and, that was that.
It was within this “unholy” alliance that a most dangerous quagmire emerged. Under its umbrella, a mutated-like peril arose to an exponential level – with unheard of precedents/give-aways affixed, both in endless currency, be it cash or patrimony! Moreover, it became the absolute nexus point between the radical left’s “kosherized” joining of hands with Muslim Brotherhood-aligned agents. The above charge-sheet was documented through Appeasement will not work (Israel National News, April 20, 2022).
Effectively, whenever, wherever, the radical left sits astride the helm, all manner of treachery should be expected – most tellingly, in contravention of national security interests. After all, nationalism and populism represent threats to their hegemony, both in America and in Israel.
And as is known within the wild (as well as proven throughout history), once rabid beasts smell appeasement – yes, actually, as they savor the waft of “sweet” capitulation – well, nothing will satiate their unquenchable appetites. Nothing.
Most ominously, the following attests to the latest (out of countless) surrender ala PM Lapid’s “caretaker” regime – by the unconscionable gifting to Lebanon/Hezbollah of a gargantuan oil windfall, as well as sundry manifestations thereof. Know this: despite all of the associated jibber-jabber (and so-called machismo walk-backs from leftist DM Gantz and his side-kick, Lapid), for all intents and purposes, once the goal post has been set in place, strategically-speaking, there is NO walking-back. Period. Read: Oslo (Peace/Death) Accords!
Israel’s defense establishment is gearing up for a possible conflict with Lebanon, after maritime border talks between Jerusalem and Beirut floundered.
Minister of Defense Benny Gantz on Thursday held a situation assessment regarding Israeli defenses on the northern front together with the IDF Chief of the General Staff, MOD Director General and Head of the IDF Operations Directorate.
“In light of the developments in the maritime border negotiations with Lebanon, during the assessment, Minister Gantz instructed the defense establishment to prepare for any scenario in which tensions increase in the northern arena, including defensive and offensive readiness,” a defense ministry spokesperson said.
Tensions rose Thursday, after Lebanon demanded further changes to a draft agreement of a maritime border deal, which would formally delineate the boundaries of Israeli and Lebanese waters, including prized offshore gas fields.
Last week, US envoy Amos Hochstein submitted a new draft of the agreement, including major concessions by Israel to Lebanon.
The draft was accepted by Jerusalem, which viewed the version as final….
More specifically, the inestimable Caroline Glick analyzed in Israel’s devastating capitulation to Hezbollah (Israel National News, October 5, 20220:
It is almost impossible to grasp the danger of Israel’s present moment. A month before the Knesset elections, the caretaker government led by Prime Minister Yair Lapid and Defense Minister Benny Gantz is moving full speed ahead with a maritime agreement with an enemy state that it insists will obligate Israel in perpetuity. The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) agreement Israel is concluding with Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon will fundamentally alter Israel’s maritime borders, deny the Jewish state tens of billions of dollars, which will go instead to a government controlled by Iran’s Lebanese foreign legion, Hezbollah, and transform Hezbollah and Iran into actors in the eastern Mediterranean…. 
continue reading the entire devastating indictment!
In light of the above (and so much more), it is at this very critical moment in time that America and Israel, the twin pillars of western civilization, find themselves in unprecedented, dire straits.
In this regard, the urgency for an authentic conservative (as opposed to entrenched RINO cut-outs, Republicans-in-Name-Only) takeover of Congress (during the upcoming November mid-term election) couldn’t be more acute. Not only because the fate of the greatest Republic hangs in the balance, but in order to clip the wings of Israel’s highly dangerous and power-hungry left. Undoubtedly, they rely upon anti-American/anti-Israel allies for tail-winds and more.
Most significantly, Israel will hold its own fateful election in November – that which requires a FULL colonoscopy-like flushing of its enemies within, that is, from the tippy-top of its leadership and downward into the unwieldy halls of the Knesset.
As Sun Tzu, the greatest military tactician of all time (circa 544-496 BC), wrote in The Art of War:
“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.”
Trenchantly, at this historical crossroad, patriotic Americans and lovers and Zion can ill afford to sit back and let “nature take its course”, so to speak. Rest assured, in so doing, generations to come will never forgive, nor forget, how this generation’s adults (young, and not so young) squandered that which they inherited, at great sacrifice, by those who fought to safeguard the greatest nations on earth, America and Israel.
You decide.

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