Two Afghan Evacuees Indicted on Unrelated Charges 1)Child Rape, 2)Assaulting Spouse

A Grand Jury in Madison, Wisconsin returned indictments against two Afghan Evacuees for unrelated crimes that took place while they were at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. Bahrullah Noori, 20, and Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32 are being held in the Dane County jail – their arraignment occurs today, September 23. Fort McCoy is housing approximately 12,500 evacuees.

Two Afghan evacuees, a Biden failure

After the Biden administration emphatically stated that that the thousands of Afghans coming to the US were already vetted, the problem is that their culture is not our culture. And it is impossible to vet people thoroughly who have a culture that is inconsistent with ours. The two Afghan evacuees have now come up against the fact that Western society is normally canted toward protecting children and wives, while Islamic culture is not. That’s not an excuse – they should not have been brought here in the first place. It is unlikely that these two Afghan evacuees were helpers to the US military.

In Afghanistan as well as other Muslim countries, sex with children is a common occurrence – not a welcome one, not a moral one, but common. The barbaric practices are a stain on the hearts of normal Afghans. Bahrullah Noori stands charged with ”attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor using force against that person, and with three counts of engaging in a sexual act with a minor, with one count alleging the use of force.  The indictment alleges that that the victims had not attained the age of 16 years and were at least four years younger than the defendant.”

Beating a wife is also common in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, particularly with rigid Islamic followers. Imaad is charged with ”assaulting his spouse by strangling and suffocating her” on September 7. The criminal complaint alleges that he choked her and ‘‘threatened to send her back to Afghanistan where the Taliban could deal with her.” 

If convicted, Noori faces a mandatory minimum penalty of 30 years and a maximum of life in federal prison on the charges alleging use of force, and a maximum penalty of 15 years on the other two charges.  Imaad faces a maximum penalty of 10 years.  The charges against them are the result of investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Fort McCoy Police Department.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Taylor Kraus is handling the Noori prosecution and Assistant U.S. Attorney Zachary Corey is handling the Imaad prosecution.


But the ”vetting” that was done was at best incomplete or missing altogether as thousands of Afghans rushed the planes at the Kabul airport.

Refugees pushed their way onto airplanes. Hundreds of children were separated from their parents. Rogue flights landed without manifests. Security vetting of refugees was done in hours or days, rather than months or years…

American officials have said the refugees are being thoroughly vetted, with the authorities feeding fingerprints, portraits and biographical information into federal databases to weed out potential risks. Mr. Mayorkas said the Defense Department had sent hundreds of biometric screening machines to 30 countries. …

But unclassified briefing documents titled “2021 Afghanistan Repatriation Mission” reveal that in some cases, spotty information is being collected: Flight manifests have been at times incomplete or missing, visa or citizenship status is unknown, and there is a lack of basic demographic data.

Daily Wire with NYT quotation

This is a Biden debacle. The two Afghan evacuees join thousands of other Afghans with backgrounds that are inconsistent with American society. There are many Afghanis that are precious, wonderful people who don’t run around beating their wives or having sex with children. But thanks to Biden, we have a problem that is only shown in the charging of two Afghan evacuees.

H/T Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children


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