Twitter snowflake ‘BradtheLadLong’ threatens to call police on non-followers who retweet him

Liberals, it seems, are quite thin-skinned these days, and tend to get triggered over the tiniest things.  Consider, for example, the case of Twitter user “BradTheLadLong,” who describes himself as a “media personality” and a “columnist” who is “most known for telling it like it is.”  On Tuesday, he threatened to call police on those who dared to retweet his Twitter messages, Twitchy said.

“If you’re not a fan of mine, then DO NOT retweet my tweets because this is becoming harassment now,” he told his 14,000 followers. “I will be going to the police.”

According to Brad, people who retweet his stuff are keeping him from basking in the love and adoration of his fans.


“If people really want to start trying me then carry right on,” he said.  “Go on.  Retweet this tweet and I promise you I will report every single one of your a**es to the police because I’ve had enough of it now.”

Keep in mind this is someone who claims to be a media personality and a columnist.  It seems to me that someone in that line of work would want others to see and help spread his information.

Twitchy responded: “Brad, we hate to break this to you but retweeting you on Twitter is not illegal nor is it harassment.”


Twitter also gave him a bit of an education:

Good question.

We did a search on Google and couldn’t find a columnist by the name of “Brad Long.”  We also did a search on YouTube and found a few Brad Longs, but none of them seemed to have any connection to this Twitter account.

A Google search of “Brad the Lad Long,” however, revealed that he’s an “unknown” YouTube vlogger the UK Daily Mail said was “rumoured to join reality show lineup for I’m a Celebrity get me out of Here!”

The UK Daily Star reported in 2014 that Brad is not only asexual, but claimed that Miley Cyrus “stole” his virginity:

And Daily Star Online appear to have unearthed one of the characters that might be taking centre stage in BB15 – who claims Miley Cyrus “stole my virginity”.

All give a wave to Brad The Lad Long.

As it transpires, the attention-seeker didn’t actually bed the former Disney wild child, but bemoans the fact her track We Can’t Stop took his innocence.

The infamous YouTuber certainly has a profile that fits in with Emma Willis’ revelation that this year’s Power Trip theme focuses heavily on “technology”.

In his diary entry on the Wrecking Ball songbird, he said: “I just feel like I’m not a virgin anymore. I feel like I’ve had sex because the video made me feel so dirty.”

We also found a YouTube channel for “BradTheLadLong” that dates back to 2011 and uses the same profile picture as his Twitter account.  Don’t waste your time going there, though, as the channel has nothing as of this writing.

And we discovered a blog that appears to be his, which you can see here, if you really want to check it out.

In one post, titled, “Why being a celebrity isn’t all it’s made out to be,” Long wrote:

Years ago I dreamed of living the A-list lifestyle with thousands of screaming fans, lavish parties, and a contact list crowded with Hollywood actors.

I wished that one day I’d be a huge star. I wished that one day everyone would want to know what I was up to. I wished that one day I would be a real celebrity. For me, that all came true and I wish I could turn back time.

I hate being famous. I feel claustrophobic knowing I can’t walk outside without someone wanting a picture or to chat with me. I feel pressure that everyone wants to know what my next tweet will be or what I will do next.

Which would seem to explain his phobia of retweets.


Other Twitter users decided to create a hashtag just for Brad:


All of this attention, of course, was just too much for the young lad, who bravely announced:


Oh noes…

And it seems he got an instant letdown:


Awww… Poor baby…

It turns out, however, that he is still on Twitter, and has decided to take a list of names after announcing that he’s getting really MAD and demanding critics open their direct messages to him:





But it seems that all the extra attention he got for his ignorance of Twitter was just too much:


Sounds to us like Brad’s already imbibed just a bit more than he should…

As Twitchy noted, Brad is a “verified” user, hence the little blue check-mark next to his Twitter name.  What, exactly does that mean?  Not much to us, since these days, it seems that only liberals get “verified” by Twitter.

Twitchy concluded:

Dude, he had to know this wouldn’t end well for him.

Or he’s trolling for attention.

Well, he got attention, but it’s probably not the kind he wanted…


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