Twitter permanently bans two conservatives for nothing, lets liberal hatemongers threaten murder

Over the last 24 hours, reports broke that Twitter — just one of the tech companies that make up what this writer now calls the “Silicon Valley Axis of Evil” — permanently banned two conservative accounts for essentially nothing.  Meanwhile, the anti-free speech outlet continues to let leftist hatemongers issue threats of violence and death against those with whom they disagree.

One report came from Twitchy, which tells us that one popular conservative account was banned for telling a joke.

Planet Twitter, apparently.

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That’s what we can expect from the anti-freedom cabal we call the Silicon Valley Axis of Evil.

The next report comes to us from Big League Politics, which informed us on Wednesday that one of its reporters, Peter D’Abrosca, was banned for — get this — allegedly breaking “rules against evading permanent suspension,” whatever THAT means.

According to Big League Politics:

With little explanation, Big League Politics reporter Peter D’Abrosca discovered he was permanently banned from Twitter this afternoon, with the platform alleging that his Twitter account was used to evade a permanent suspension from the platform. D’Abrosca had never received even a temporary suspension from the platform prior to today.

Without any prior warning or previous suspensions on the platform, D’Abrosca received a notification informing him he would be permanently suspended for “Violating [Twitter’s] rules against evading permanent suspension.”

Tom Pappert said D’Abrosca has never been suspended for any reason whatsoever, which makes this ban highly suspect.

He also said they have reached out to Twitter and have so far gotten no response.

Pappert added:

This ban occurred on the heels of Big League Politics contributor Laura Loomer’s permanent suspension from the platform last month, when Twitter bowed to the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and banned Loomer at its command. Loomer famously handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters in protest, sparking national news over allegations of political censorship.

Twitter temporarily stopped translating tweets from Hebrew in the following days.

As the tech giant attempts to strangle Big League Politics’ voice on the platform, it has allowed the overwhelming majority of users who posted death threats and dox requests against the Covington Catholic High School students framed as racists last week to keep their accounts.

Jacob Engels said D’Abrosca told the Gateway Pundit:

“This appears to be the most egregious Twitter ban of a reporter yet. I was not banned for a specific Tweet that allegedly violated Twitter’s terms of service, but rather for a generic “evasion of permanent suspension. By definition, every Twitter user is trying to “evade permanent suspension” by conforming to the terms of service. I’m not even sure what that explanation means”

Basically, it means, “using Twitter while not being a leftist.”

How far will the Silicon Valley Axis of Evil go in its jihad against conservative speech?  These reports give us just a small indication of what we can expect over the next year.


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