Twitter gives Donald Trump advise with #MyAdviseToTrump

trump-pledgeOn Wednesday, a number of people took to Twitter to offer some free, friendly advise to GOP front-runner Donald Trump.

As one can imagine, the advice ran the full gamut of friendly to not-so-friendly.

This tweet, for example, wasn’t quite so friendly:

Then there was this:

Some advised Trump to drop out of the race:

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Others suggested an alternate line of work:

One person told Trump where he thinks a wall should go:

Another person suggested:

Given what’s happened in recent weeks, that may not be such a bad idea…

One Twitter user suggested:

The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher suggested:

I said the advice ran from friendly to not-so friendly, right?  Well it turns out a lot of it was not-so friendly, but there were some supporters:

Then there was this, no doubt a reference to all those celebrities who’ve “threatened” to leave the country if Trump wins:

And at the time of this writing, that was pretty much it for the “friendlies.”  I may have missed one or two, but most were, as I noted earlier, not-so-friendly.  Not to worry, though.  Anyone who knows anything about Twitter knows that could change in a heartbeat.

Even so, the hashtag #MyAdvisetoTrump began trending Wednesday, and it looks like it may hang around for a while…



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