Twitter does ‘1984,’ suspends conservative blogger for no apparent reason

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twitter-1This is what you get when liberals run social media sites and rely on other liberals to police them.  On Friday, the hashtag #FreeStacy began trending after popular conservative blogger Robert Stacy McCain was suspended for no apparent reason.

On Saturday, McCain wrote:

Unexpectedly, and without explanation, my @rsmccain Twitter account was suspended Friday evening. Based on past experiences, my guess would be that this resulted from a complaint by one of the leading “social justice warriors” (SJWs) who have been at war with #GamerGate since August 2014. However, there was no reason stated for the suspension, and who knows?

We have a pretty good idea of the reason behind the suspension: McCain was no doubt tweeting while conservative, which is something liberals can’t stand.

So Twitter can control what hashtag trends?  Interesting.

Others took Twitter to task for the Orwellian action against McCain.

Apparently so.

Why not?  After all, it’s been working for Facebook for years…

Isn’t that the case with liberalism in general?

There was a conservative alternative once, but that site no longer appears to exist.

Meanwhile, McCain says he’s switched to a backup account he created to promote his book.

No doubt, McCain won’t be the last one suspended by Twitter for surfing while conservative.  One has to wonder: How many conservatives will be suspended for no reason before someone decides to file a class action lawsuit for viewpoint discrimination?


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