Twitter CEO, board member promote post advocating one-party Democrat rule after winning ‘new civil war’

This should tell you everything you need to know about the radical leftists running major social media sites.  On Friday, Twitchy reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and board member Evan Williams both lauded a Medium post by Peter Leyden that says Democrats will win what Leyden called a “new civil war” and will run all aspects of government in the United States in the way they are now doing in California.

Here’s just a taste of what Leyden wrote:

In the early 2000s, California faced a similar situation to the one America faces today. Its state politics were severely polarized, and state government was largely paralyzed. The Republican Party was trapped in the brain-dead orthodoxies of an ideology stuck in the past. The party was controlled by zealous activists and corrupt special interests who refused to face up to the reality of the new century. It was a party that refused to work with the Democrats in good faith or compromise in any way.

The solution for the people of California was to reconfigure the political landscape and shift a supermajority of citizens — and by extension their elected officials — under the Democratic Party’s big tent. The natural continuum of more progressive to more moderate solutions then got worked out within the context of the only remaining functioning party. The California Democrats actually cared about average citizens, embraced the inevitable diversity of 21st-century society, weren’t afraid of real innovation, and were ready to start solving the many challenges of our time, including climate change.

California today provides a model for America as a whole. This model of politics and government is by no means perfect, but it is far ahead of the nation in coming to terms with the inexorable digital, global, sustainable transformation of our era. It is a thriving work in progress that gives hope that America can pull out of the political mess we’re in. California today provides a playbook for America’s new way forward. It’s worth contemplating as we enter 2018, which will be a critical election year.

Today, of course, California is a state where lawlessness reigns, where illegals are given priority over citizens, where lawmakers are actually considering measures to jail food service workers for handing out unsolicited straws and where the the state Attorney General is threatening to arrest those who obey federal immigration laws.

Leyden further said:

America today has many parallels to America in the 1850s or America in the 1930s. Both of those decades ended with one side definitively winning, forming a political supermajority that restructured systems going forward to solve our problems once and for all. In the 1850s, we fought the Civil War, and the Republican Party won and then dominated American politics for 50 years. In the 1930s, the Democratic Party won and dominated American politics for roughly the same amount of time.

America today is in a similar position. Our technologies, our economy, our geopolitics are going through fundamental changes. We are facing new challenges, like climate change and massive economic inequality, that must be addressed with fundamental reforms.

America can’t afford more political paralysis. One side or the other must win. This is a civil war that can be won without firing a shot. But it is a fundamental conflict between two worldviews that must be resolved in short order.

California, as usual, resolved it early. The Democrats won; the Republicans lost. The conservative way forward lost; the progressive way forward began. As we’ve laid out in this series, California is the future, always about 15 years ahead of the rest of the country. That means that America, starting in 2018, is going to resolve it, too.

This, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, is a “great read.”

Williams called it an “interesting take.”

Their take didn’t sit too well with many:



How are conservatives supposed to react to this, Twitchy asked.

Others responded:


Could this be the underlying reason Silicon Valley types like Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg see such a “need” to censor conservatives?  One person thought so:


Another person referenced the cities that have joined in a lawsuit against the state’s new sanctuary laws:



Or is this the last gasp of the totalitarian left grasping at anything they possibly can?  Some seemed to think so:


One person used Dorsey’s own words against him:


Another person noted:

Ominous, indeed.

As Twitchy noted, it’s actually Democrats outside California and New York that are in trouble, not the Republicans.  There are, however, some Republicans who might find themselves in trouble if they don’t unfurl from their fetal positions and begin acting like a majority party…


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