Twitter bans conservative Christian for defending faith, calling out censorship

On Saturday, the Gateway Pundit’s Cristina Laila said she was handed a 12-hour ban by the social media site Twitter for defending her Christian faith and calling out the company’s censorship.

“I was banned from Twitter Friday night after I went on a mini tweetstorm calling out Twitter for censoring and shadowbanning my account with 93,000 followers,” she wrote.

Laila said she decided to call the company out Friday for silencing her with their algorithms.

“They promptly punished me. It looks like I’ve had too much to think!” she said.

Here was her first tweet:

Followed up with this:

And this was her third tweet:

A couple hours later, Laila said, she “received a notification that I was banned from tweeting for 12 hours for ‘hateful conduct’ on an old tweet I posted defending Christianity.”

According to Laila, the allegedly offensive tweet was in response to a Christian-bashing article published by the New Yorker Magazine.

“There is zero profanity, zero threats. I simply cited scripture and compared it to the violence in the Quran,” she said, adding the following screenshot:

TwitterLaila said that she once reported a tweet issued by someone who attacked her Armenian heritage.  Twitter, naturally, said that tweet did not violate their terms.  It seems that the company — much like Facebook — has what are described as “protected” classes of individuals.

Meanwhile, she said, Twitter finds this perfectly acceptable:

Of course, because these individuals are leftists.  Twitter even lets liberals issue death threats against conservatives with no consequences, as we’ve repeatedly reported.

These days, it’s become obvious to many that social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are literally on a jihad to silence anyone whose political views fall somewhere to the right of Stalin.

It’s long past time for Republicans in Congress to take action to rein in these out-of-control social media sites.


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