Twelve US Service Members Killed in Kabul Bombing, 15 Injured

An update on the situation in Kabul has stated that TWELVE US Service Members were killed in the suicide bombings on Thursday. The Biden administration had stated that any disruption in the evacuation would be met with “swift and forceful response.” Now? Twelve service members dead, 15 service members injured, most of them were Marines. General McKenzie stated that it appeared that the service members were at the interface point where the US members were engaging evacuees to search and screen them. Original story here. Update: The death toll for US Marines has been revised to 13 with 18 wounded.

twelve us service members
Screenshot of General Kenneth McKenzie during press conference

This is close up work – the breath of the person you are searching is upon you. While we have overwatch in place, we still have to touch the clothes of the person that’s coming in...

Despite this attack, we are continuing the mission. The evacuation, at best speed, and as of today, we have approximately 5,000 evacuees on the ramp awaiting airlift. Since August 14, we have evacuated more than 104,000 civilians from #HKIA.

Marine General Kenneth McKenzie

ISIS claimed responsibility for the blasts.

One bomb at the Abbey gate was likely a single suicide bomber. The General stated that the threat of ISIS is very real and US forces are actively conducting actions to mitigate the possibility of more attacks. He stated that the mission to evacuate those who need to be evacuated would continue, although the pattern of these type of ISIS killings is for ‘multiple’ attacks. He stated that the threat of suicide car bombs is now “high.” He had little information about the bomb at the Baron Hotel, other than to say that the building was bunkered or “hardened” at the time.

Gen McKenzie stated that yes there will be a military response to twelve US service members killed, though they do not yet have a solid target. They are ‘working with the Taliban’ to push out the perimeter around the airport to prevent a VBIED (vehicle borne improvised explosive device) from entering the area. They are also taking steps to protect the aircraft that are coming and going from the Kabul airport.

When asked by a reporter whether he trusted the Taliban he hedged the question by saying that they have been useful so far. The fact is that ISIS-K and the Taliban hate each other. So what remains of Afghanistan looks like a civil war is brewing. Meanwhile the remaining Americans are steadily being evacuated, even though US aircraft are ”getting shot at on occasion.”

“We have received confirmation that roughly 500 of the 1,500 Americans that we were tracking as potentially being in Afghanistan have been evacuated,” a State Department spokesperson said.

“Over the past 24 hours, we heard from an additional roughly 500 people purporting to be Americans in Afghanistan who want to leave,” the statement continued. “We immediately began attempting to reach these individuals by phone, text, and email. Based on our experience, many of these will not turn out to be U.S. citizens in need of our assistance.”

State department


US lawmakers are angry at these latest events and are calling for Biden’s removal. Not only are they angry, but there are numerous reports of other explosions and fighting in Afghanistan, although they remain unconfirmed at this time. Some outlets stated that the most recent explosions may have been US forces destroying military equipment. Chaos and quagmire.

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