Tweet of the Day: WaPo Propagandist Jennifer Rubin Falsely Claims Trump Wants To Kill Children

On Wednesday, Jennifer Rubin, the fake conservative who works as a Trump-hating/conservative-hating propagandist for the far-left propaganda rag Washington Post, issued a tweet in which she falsely claimed that President Trump wants to kill children.

She made the blatantly false claim on Twitter in response to an article at The Hill which said the president threatened to cut funding for schools that refuse to open for in-person learning this fall.

“[N]ow he wants to kill your kids,” she claimed in her fact-free tweet.

Actually, if  one reasons this out the way Rush Limbaugh did on his Wednesday program, a better question would be, “Why does Jennifer Rubin want to starve our children?”

Limbaugh explained:

Now, I’m talking about something that many of you probably remember and some of you may not. Depends on your age and it depends on what you were paying attention to back in 1995. In 1995 there was this gigantic battle over the federal budget. Bill Clinton was president, Mr. Newt was the Speaker of the House, and the Republicans were experiencing a new wave of popularity and power, having won the House for the first time in 40 years in 1994. It was the midterms after Clinton had won the presidency in 1992.

And so there was a showdown over the federal budget. And the Republicans, of course, wanted to reduce it. And folks, just so you understand budget talk, there never is a genuine reduction from one year to the next in federal spending. All there is, it’s called baseline budgeting, and it guarantees certain percentage increases department by department. It averages out to about 8 to 10% per department.

So if the Republicans come along and say, “We want to reduce spending on this item by 4%,” it’s still gonna be an increase of 6%, but the Democrats and media run around, they start talking about how the Republicans are cutting the budget, Draconian cuts.

The federal budget never gets smaller overall. Federal spending never goes down overall. We’re just talking about reductions in the rate of growth. And we’re talking about losing the language. The idea here was to get started on trying to get to the point where we would actually reduce federal spending. Well, this budget battle focused on education and the school lunch program.

And the Democrats, led by Clinton, harped on the idea the Republicans wanted to starve kids. The Republicans wanted to starve kids even though the school lunch program was not being cut and federal education was not being cut, it was not going to get a 10% increase, but it was still gonna get an increase.

And then the Democrats went to various parts of the country, and they had little school kids write letters to Republicans in Congress. “Dear Mr. Congressman: I can’t learn when I’m hungry. Why do you want to starve me and my fellow classmates? Why do you not want me to eat? What is it you have against me eating?”

And they were bamboozled and they were flooded with these letters supposedly written by kids. Of course, I’m sitting here saying, “Are you kidding me? These kids have parents. Are their parents gonna let these kids starve? Even if this were true, and it isn’t, are the parents gonna sit there and just let their kids starve?” And the answer to that became a rhetorical “yes.”

So the Democrats now don’t want the schools to open. The Democrats want to keep schools closed. Trump wants to open them, for a host of reasons. The economy needs schools open, and in-person education is much better than online. You’re talking about high school and middle school. Most students are cutting class, the percentage of people actually tuning in online, connecting and all that is — you can’t even quantify it.

“So,” Limbaugh wondered, “why do the Democrats and the teacher’s unions want to starve children by keeping the schools closed?”

Good question.  And the same could be asked of Rubin.  Why does she want to starve children?

Response to her outrageous tweet was pretty much what you’d expect:

What, you expect Rubin to use reason and logic? Isn’t that racist or something?

Another person wondered:

Another person noted:

That’s because it’s NOT journalism.  It’s propaganda.  And yes, Rubin IS a propagandist.

Speaking of which, Rubin is one of those up for our Liberal Media Propagandist of the Year for 2020 award.  If you think Rubin should be so honored, please go here and cast your vote for her.


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