Tweet of the Day: Alleged ‘Republican’ Adam Kinzinger Turns Twitter Troll, Claims Conservatives Would Be First To Die In Civil War

It seems that alleged “Republican” Adam Kinzinger is set to become a Twitter troll once he leaves office in January.  Either that, or he’s joined his liberal bedfellows in wishing conservatives dead.  Or both.

“…Spoiled people who have never seen war like to play dress up. If there is a civil war, they will be the first to pass away because Walgreens will run out of heart medicine,” he said in response to another tweet earlier this month.

Writing at Political Insider, Rusty Weiss tell us::

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Kinzinger comes off as a man so broken by former President Donald Trump that he sits at home most nights, reduced to being a Twitter troll himself, diving into wine bottle after wine bottle while sporting his “I ❤️ Nancy Pelosi” footie pajamas.

And here again, a late-night tweet about conservatives dying in a civil war.

There’s a lot of rage on display in his tweet.

From suggesting anti-war conservatives are just old people, to suggesting they would die first because they simply play “dress up.”

He’s packing an awful lot of hatred in that little frame of his.

Of course.  He’s basically a liberal at heart, and as I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, liberalism IS an ideology of insane rage and hate.

Weiss reminds us that Kinzinger, in addition to being a Never-Trump hatemonger, has been pushing for civil war for some time now:

From Ukraine to his fellow Americans, it seems that there isn’t a war effort little Adam doesn’t support.

Kinzinger and his runaway Napoleon complex have been pushing for civil war for some time, suggesting conservatives wouldn’t be able to handle such a scenario.

In February he said “we have to recognize” the possibility of civil war and that “we have to warn and talk about it … and fight hard against it and put our country over our parties, because our survival actually matters.”

Weeks later he mocked people upset about gas prices and inflation and said their concerns show they couldn’t hack it in a civil war scenario because they are “chickenhawks.”

Twitter users had thoughts:

Good question. Perhaps it’s because Kinzinger really wants to see conservatives killed.

Whatever side Nancy Pelosi is on, I’m sure…

Of course, but he doesn’t care.

Yes, it is. And let’s not forget Soviet-style kangaroo courts, a two-tiered “justice” system, and Stalinist “investigations” that refuse to hear both sides.

Who said he was “principled?”

There’s a lot more like this.  You get the point.  It’s scary to think we’re now at at time when elected officials fantasize about seeing their fellow citizens killed.

Which is just one reason why the elections this November are more crucial than ever.

H/T Political Insider


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