Turning Heroes Into Villains and Murderers Into Victims

pam1“This is a war. This is war on free speech. What are we going to do? Are we going to surrender to these monsters? Two men with rifles and backpacks attacked police outside our event. A cop was shot; his injuries are not life-threatening, thank G-d. Please keep him in your prayers. The bomb squad has been called to the event site to investigate a backpack left at the event site. The war is here.”
– Pamela Geller’s words after the shooting at her Muhammad Cartoon Event

The First Amendment guarantees we Americans the right to free speech…free speech uncensored and unencumbered by those who disagree with what we are trying to say…or so we thought. The First Amendment was NEVER intended as a means to make a hero the villain nor murderers the victims…or so we thought. The First Amendment guarantees ‘We the People’ numerous freedoms including freedom of religion, expression, and assembly…that is until the hero…and my personal hero…was Pamela Geller and the ‘supposed’ victims were muslim…or more specifically muslim islamic terrorists.

pam no ground zero mosquePamela Geller…deeply affected by the events of 9/11 makes sure to have 9/11 remain the touch point in her quest to warn all about the dangers islam poses to both America and our American way of life. Through her group ‘Stop the Islamization of America,’ Pamela helped prevent the opening of the infamous islamic community center mere blocks from what was the World Trade Center. Calling the proposed abomination the ‘ground zero mosque’…a mosque that was a slap in the face to all murdered on a sunny September day…Pamela successfully pointed out that that abomination had NO right being built upon ‘sacred ground’ where 3000 Americans lost their lives to people just like those whom some in the media are now trying to turn into the victims of Pamela Geller’s ‘supposed’ islamaphobia.

pam signs in subwayAnd a series of events…like Pamela’s campaign to display placards in public transit systems…in buses and in the subways…in major American cities… placards telling the truth about the islamic savages out to kill NOT only Jews but Christians as well… was met with condemnation by those wishing to stop her right NOT only to display the truth about those out to kill us all, but to deny Pamela Geller her First Amendment right to freely speak her mind. Thankfully, the placards went up as the courts rightfully ruled in her favor and against those who consider Pamela “the anti-Muslim movement’s most visible and flamboyant figurehead”..a mantle she oh so proudly wears.

pam draw mohamed posterAnd now as Pamela’s in conjunction with her American Freedom Defense Initiative’s ‘Muhammad Art Exhibit & Contest’ at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas was wrapping up…muslim islamic terrorists Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson…both armed with assault rifles and both having the intention of killing as many of the participants and attendees as they could…opened fire outside the contest hall injuring one unarmed police officer but resulting in their own deaths when other officers fired back. And all this over a contest organized to stand up for free speech after the nightmare of Charlie Hebdo with its violence and death over simple drawings of Muhammad…drawings considered offensive by muslims but really who cares what they think as everything seems to be offense to them…this contest also featured speeches by Pamela and Geert Wilders (a Dutch lawmaker who wants the qur’an banned in Holland…wish it was banned here too). And with possible but NOT yet verified ties to ISIS…these two savage’s deaths have once again brought Pamela Geller into the spotlight but NOT as the hero she is but as an instigator of hate.

And so the kumbaya sorts…liberal talking heads and some ‘supposedly’ on our side…some like ubber-mouth Donald Trump…came out in force to imply that Pamela…a staunch advocate for Christians, Jews, and even muslims who have been ‘victimized’ by muslim islamic terrorists…was the true villain and that together with those of us who support her were as much an obstacle to freedom as were the very muslim islamic terrorists…and it is my right to call these savages exactly what they are…NO matter that their intent was to murder Pamela, her partner Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders…and collateral damage be damned.

pam prie winnerSo while the left and kumbaya sorts say this contest was a deliberately staged anti-islam event used as bait for attention…the liberal talking heads and some ‘supposedly’ on our side refuse to understand that attention is two-fold…both good and bad…and in this case the attention was good proving through their actions alone that we are indeed at war with those who will NOT abide even the most innocuous criticism of their so-called prophet or of islam as a whole. And while ‘We the People’s’ right to free speech is attacked and infringed upon almost daily by both islamists…and I refer to most muslims as islamists because if you do NOT outwardly condemn the jihadists than you condone them…and the liberal left who want us to censor ourselves, if you will, so as NOT to upset the sensibilities of those out to kill us all…the bottom line is that if these savages are sent into a murderous rage over a simple cartoon contest do you really think they can ever become part of the fabric of American society. I for one do NOT…especially when the Obama controlled media is totally in support of the jihadis as witnessed how they report little on muslims behaving badly yet page one news becomes those like Pamela who publicly condemn or criticize the enemy.

Such is the case with Pamela Geller but trying to blame Pamela for what happened in Texas…trying to call her an instigator…a villain…an islamaphobe…is NOT only an attack on her first amendment right to free speech but is also an attack on ‘We the People’s’ collective right to free speech…a right which is slowly being eroded away NOT only in regards to the pandering to muslims initiated by the muslim residing in the White House, but is also being eroded away in the guise of our right to use certain words that criticize or condemn some in another minority group…which according to the First Amendment is our right to do whether they like it or NOT.

pam thug rewriteAnd that minority group is the small percentage of blacks that seem to be calling all the shots and being the voice for the black community as a whole, because like with the muslims the majority of blacks refuse to silence the minority of blacks behaving badly. Angry as we all know over the ‘rightful’ shootings in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York City, and elsewhere, those blacks behaving badly now have made it clear that any white person who uses the words ‘thug’, ‘element’, ‘hoodlum’, and other such words…including the N-word that they routinely use in describing or greeting each other…are racists deserving of their ire…deserving of their particular form of ire in the guise of vigilante justice consisting of rioting, looting, and setting cities ablaze.

So when the smoke clears and the muslim islamic terrorists calm down a bit over their itty-bitty feelings having been hurt by something as simple as a cartoon, the fact remains that free speech is indeed under attack here in America, and Pamela Geller’s event was right in pointing that out.  And why…sadly because for some pointing out problems is simply NOT enough…for some the problems will only hit home when savages act up and show themselves behaving badly.

pam last picSo I leave you with these wise words from my hero and friend, the true American patriot Pamela Geller, “If we don’t show the jihadists that they will not frighten us into silence, the jihad against freedom will only grow more virulent.”

And how right Pamela…who now has an ISIS issued fatwa on her head…is for it must be understood that we are at war with islam…all islam for like muslim Turkish Prime Minister Recip Edrogen says there is NO radical islam and NO moderate islam as there is only one islam…and the sooner we all accept that as fact the sooner we can effectively fight back and save our beloved America and all we hold dear…save America from muslim islamist acts of terror and save America from the traitorous islamist residing in the While House…and it is my still in effect First Amendment right to freely say that.





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