Turkish government clears bird of charges it’s an Israeli spy

KestrelYou just can’t make this stuff up.

The Turkish government has determined that a bird with a tag reading “4311 Tel Avivunia Israel” is not an Israeli spy carrying microchips.  Seriously.

Ynet reported:

Turkish authorities have “cleared a renegade bird captured in the Ağın district of the eastern province of Elazığ on suspicions of working for Israel’s state-of-the-art intelligence agency,” the Hurriyet newspaper reported Friday.

“According to the report by the Turkish newspaper, residents of Altınavya village became suspicious that the little kestrel could be more than a bird that lost its way when they found it wore a metallic ring stamped with the words “24311 Tel Avivunia Israel,” and delivered it to the district governorate,” Ynet added.

Ynet said Turkish authorities actually X-rayed the little critter and determined that (gasp) it’s just a bird.

Imagine what they’d do if the bird talked…

“Following the tests, the authorities decided not to press official charges and the falsely accused bird was free to fly away,” the report said.

Wow…  Just.  Wow.


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