Tulsi Gabbard To Joe Rogan: ‘Insane’ Democrat Party ‘The Real Threat To Democracy’ (Video)

As we and others reported, former Democrat Representative and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced that she is no longer a Democrat.  She spoke about her decision during an interview with Joe Rogan, and she minced no words about the party she once called home, saying many of the things we and other conservatives have said for so long.

She characterized the Party as being led by fanatics who have gone “insane” with their “ideological fanaticism” that doesn’t allow for any dissenting point of view.

And she emphatically said the Democrat Party is now “the real threat to our democracy.”

Here’s a partial transcript, courtesy of the Gateway Pundit:

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

The danger of it is the people in charge of the Democratic Party, whether they actually hold positions or they just are influential in the Democratic Party, have created this cult-like atmosphere and fomented this fear. So much so that people who are really in a position to impact this, to stand up against and say ‘hold on guys this is literally insane and needs to stop’, they’re too afraid to do so because of what the ramifications will be.

The Democratic Party of the past, the Democratic Party that I joined, doesn’t exist anymore. The party that was….the party of JFK, of Dr Martin Luther King, the party of inclusivity, the big tent party that welcomed and encouraged this marketplace of ideas and conversations and people that held different views; the party that championed women and equality and the rights of people in our society. That party just doesn’t exist anymore and instead we have a party that’s being led by…by  people who have gone insane with this ideological fanaticism.

And there are a lot of different issues, a lot of different examples…you know the whole issue of biology and the trans issue is just one of them. There are so many different others.

You know parents, don’t have a….you don’t have a right to raise your kids now.  You don’t have a right to say what they’re being taught in schools now.  The state, the government, the teachers’ unions, only they have that right and that responsibility. They’re undermining families.

They don’t believe in the rule of law. Defund the police; the Supreme Court, we don’t agree with them so they’re illegitimate. There are so many different examples of this…this…these ideologues who’ve taken control of the Democratic Party who don’t actually care about the people.

It’s all about themselves, their power, and their maintaining control, and that’s the real threat to our democracy that they pose is that they don’t believe in freedom of speech, they don’t believe in freedom of thought, they don’t believe in freedom of religion. All they believe in is you’ve got to buy into whatever they’re selling at any given day.

And like I said, and not only….it’s not enough that you to agree. You’ve got to go out there. You got to march in the parade. You’ve got to carry the sign. You’ve got to scream and yell.

Don’t you dare even think about talking to Republicans. Don’t even think about working with Republicans because that directly undermines their authority.

And frankly Joe, this is something that I’ve been trying to fight against within the Democratic Party …back when I was vice-chair of the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for years.  But it has gotten to the point where those who have been in charge for a long time, remain in charge, are not willing to change.

Here’s a video of the segment:

She also discussed the war in Ukraine and the Military Industrial Complex:

Here is the full episode:

Say what you want about Gabbard, but she’s 100 percent correct about this.  The Democrat Party has morphed into something that is far more reminiscent of what ran Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union than anything else.  And it must be soundly defeated this November, for the good of the country.


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