Tulane University student denied leadership role for conservative views

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Tulane University conservative
Tulane University

On Friday, Campus Reform reported that Abigail Michel, the chair of Tulane College Republicans, was nominated to serve as the director for student safety, a position that acts as a liaison between the student government and the university police department “in order to develop a safer campus that empowers every student.”  Unfortunately, she was denied that position because concerns were raised that her conservative views would make her unable to represent students of color.  In short, she was the victim of viewpoint discrimination.

According to Campus Reform:

At Michel’s nomination hearing, however, at least one senator argued that her Facebook posts denouncing anti-Trump protests and safe spaces disqualified her for the position, reports The Tulane Hullabaloo.

“She referred to students of color fighting for their rights post-election as toddlers…yelling, marching around and demanding resources,” Senator Josh Rosenbaum complained.


The report continued:

Michel replied that while she recognized the posts could have been considered “inflammatory” by some, she intended to separate her political beliefs from her role as the director of student safety.

“I realize the Facebook post was inflammatory,” Michel replied, but vowed that she would not allow her political beliefs to influence her decisions, saying, “that is not the type of leader I intend to be.”

Nonetheless, her nomination was not approved by the senate, prompting USG President Sam Levin to speculate that perhaps the nomination process for the role was “not inclusive” enough.

“I will be making sure that they look for new aspects to make sure that it is more inclusive for marginalized students while also incorporating the senators and students who voiced their opinions,” Levin said.

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Translation: Conservatives need not apply…  Welcome to bizarro-world.


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