Massachusetts Democrat Brianna Wu triggered by Tucker Carlson, calls Fox News ‘KKK television’

After Fox News host Tucker Carlson told liberals to treat people as individuals and not as a race, Brianna Wu, a video game developer and computer programmer whose Twitter bio says she’s a “candidate for US House of Representatives in MA District 8,” went ballistic and called Fox News is the KKK’s television station.

Here’s video of Carlson’s statements:

Highlighting a silly post published at Buzzfeed, Carlson opined:

You are worried, and you should be, and now some smug private school kid from Brooklyn is lecturing you about how you are the problem, because the color of your skin, and the privilege it conveys. How much of that are you going to take before you explode at the unfairness of it all? And at that point, why wouldn’t you embrace a racial identity?

Everybody else seems to be doing it. That’s a disaster, and it’s not theoretical, by the way. That’s what’s going to happen in this country, unless people start deciding they’re going to treat one another as individuals, rather than as members of groups.

According to Twitchy:

So because Carlson said people are individuals (and not just their race), that makes Fox News the KKK’s television station.

Granted, this is the same woman who thought the military would drop rocks from the moon to kill people on Earth (no, we’re not making this up), so the fact that she sees his statements about working to do away with racism as racism isn’t all that shocking.

No, Twitchy didn’t make that up.  As we reported in February 2017:

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And that wasn’t her only trip into crazy-land.  In May, she blamed the Manchester terror attack on sexism, not the terrorist:

On Tuesday, Brianna Wu, a Democrat running for the House of Representatives from Massachusetts, blamed the Manchester terror attack on sexism and misogyny rather than terrorism in a tweet that sparked a great deal of backlash.

“When a man straps on a bomb of nails, goes to woman’s concert to kill an audience of women and girls — IT’S A SAFE BET SEXISM IS INVOLVED,” she wrote, ignoring the fact that men were at the concert as well.

But we digress.

Naturally, Wu came under fire for this bit of “analysis.”


“2018 is getting off to a GREAT start,” Twitchy said.

We agree.


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