The truth about what ObamaCare is really all about

Obamacare-Year-of-the-SnakeOn FOX & Friends this morning was an official from Wisconsin who discussed what was going on in his state with ObamaCare sign-ups. Like the rest of the states, the ObamaCare website is NOT working properly for medical sign-ups. Only 53 people in Wisconsin have been able to successfully sign-up for ObamaCare.

However…and this is a BIGGIE…the ONLY PAGE of the ObamaCare website that is working properly is the page where one can sign-up to VOTE!

Yup, even if you can’t sign-up for its intended use to get health insurance…anything but affordable health insurance actually…you can register to VOTE through the site and again it’s the ONLY PAGE working properly!!!

Since when was VOTER sign-ups to be part of a health insurance bill…it NEVER was intended as far as ‘We the People’ were concerned…but Obama and his cohorts obviously had other ideas.

Snuck in or buried in the 2000+ pages Congress had to vote YES on BEFORE they could read it I suppose. As expected the FIX is already in for 2014 and 2016.

And BTW, hundreds, if NOT thousands have registered as new Democrats through the ObamaCare website in Wisconsin.

So there it is…the truth about ObamaCare…and it’s summed up in three words…DEMOCRATIC VOTER REGISTRATION.

Furious yet…the time is drawing near…


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