Trump’s Security Team Aligns With Iran & Its Proxies: Following Putin’s Leash – Israel In The Cross-Hairs! How Did This Happen? What Are The Knock-On Effects?

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WHEREAS there is no need to rehash HUSSEIN Obama’s purposefully ignited Mid East wildfires, let it be stipulated: from the get-go, his intent was to empower Iran (via its proxy forces), Russia and Turkey through regional upheavals – starting with blowing Libya apart  ala CIA sponsored weapons-running for the benefit of al-Qaeda offshoots and Brotherhood Mafia jihadis. In turn, said regional turbulence would “obligate” the U.S. to enter into an illegal war with Libya. For the record, some of us knew that it would be given “coverage” under the oft-ballyhooed “Responsibility To Protect” (aka R2P, an anti-American/western policy concocted by Samantha Powers, herself, a red/green ally) – hoisted within the umbrella of the biggest kleptocracy in the world, that is, the UN!

WITH the above firmly implanted in mind, just follow the Machivellian strategic dots – laid out in May 2015 within an excerpt from “ISIS-Monster Fed By HUSSEIN Obama: Knock-On Effects To Illegal War In Libya.” The deliberate plan is revealed within.

INTRINSICALLY, this anti-American strategy ensures that ISIS will catapult from strength to strength. Assuredly, they are unimpeded due to a dearth of U.S. hyper-power. Not only that, they are winning via a treasure trove of American weaponry lifted from the battlefield – with upwards of 52 155mm M198 howitzers back in 2014 – and enumerable more platforms since then! 

IS it not treasonous to abandon the epicenter of the west’s struggle to global hegemonic Islamic monsters?

ALAS, the above treacherous calculus – played out to the max – will leave little regional recourse, other than to call in Iran’s direct “assistance” to battle ISIS! Wait and see. Mind you, the fact that Iran is already deeply involved in the battles raging in Syria and Iraq (others as well), has little to do with what comes next….continue reading….

INDISPUTABLY, said machinations dealt with Sunni empowerment, but in no way mitigated HUSSEIN’s (with the assistance of various surrogates) ultimate betrayal; fully documented within “House of Bribes: How The United States Led To  A Nuclear Iran.”

INDEED, “HUSSEIN’s Mid East Designs Come Full Circle: Hands Reins Over To Russia, Iran & Turkey – Global Knock-On Effects” (Aug. 2016) foretold that which is currently unfolding – only a few miles from Israel’s northern (Golan) border! No doubt, what we are currently witnessing was designed to be a fait accompli.

IN this regard, one would have expected (emphasis placed) President Trump to execute a swifter than swift reverse course, an immediate volte-face — despite his rhetoric to the contrary that Iran’s genocidal mullahs will be defanged by not re-certifying  the ‘worst document’ he’s ever seen!

EVEN so, although President Trump has his heart in the right (no pun intended) place, the fact of the matter is that it is not worth diddly squat when it comes to strategic decision-making. 

TO wit, listen up.

BUT before doing so, know this too: of late, yours truly spent several hours in urgent meetings with “ears to the ground”  Israeli contacts, whose “business” is to keep a watchful eye (foot…toe…call it what you will) on the hottest fronts within Israel – and beyond its borders alike! Thus, when their “marching orders” in this direction, in effect, are to sound the highest alarm and alert, trust, this commentary analysis is not for nothing, nor plucked out of thin air. Mind you, their documented intel (incidentally, gleaned more than a week prior to the following report by DEBKA, Aug. 12, 2017) matches, almost to a tee, with this analysis. So, take it to the (strategic) bank.

The transformation of a small, strategic wedge of land between the Syrian, Israeli, Jordanian and Iraqi borders is going forward apace without arousing much interest – even in Israel, where it should cause the most concern, DEBKAfile reports.

On Wednesday, Aug. 8, two Russian army companies of Ingushet troops from the northern Caucasus set up a command post in the Syrian village of Tal al-Shahm, 13km from Israel’s Golan border. Its commander, Col. Alexei Kozin, has thus taken charge of Syria’s border with Israel. As DEBKAfile reported last month, his task is to set up 10 control checkpoints along that border.

This border area was designated as one of four de-escalation zones agreed on between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at their meeting in Hamburg on July 7.

According to understandings reached between Washington, Moscow and Jerusalem, the UN separation force (UNDOF) will return to its Fawar base opposite Quneitra as a buffer between IDF and Russian forces. Its past history in this role between IDF and Syrian forces was never exactly impressive.

A piece of diplomacy consistent with this process was contributed by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Friday, Aug. 11. It was an assurance that Russia would take into account Israel’s interests in Jerusalem in the framework of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

It also fits in with the surprising statement from Washington on the same day, namely, that Donald Trump, although in the midst of a fearsome crisis with North Korea with military overtones, is planning to send his senior adviser, son-in-law Jared Kushner and Israel-Palestinian peace broker Jason Greenblatt, on an early visit to the Middle East to continue this mission.

To see how these disparate elements fill out the whole picture, we turn 70km east from Quneitra on the Syria Golan to the battles ongoing at Sweida in southeastern Syria opposite the Jordanian and Iraqi borders. Russian troops moved into the key town of Daraa, abutting on the Jordanian border on July 13. Like in Quneitra, a month later, they set up command posts to monitor the first de-escalation or ceasefire zone to be set up under the Hamburg accord.

The Russian troops’ assignment was to stop the fighting there and execute the withdrawal of the combatant forces, the Syrian army, Iran, and its foreign Shiite militias, including Hizballah, to a distance of 40km from the border.

But that arrangement never stood up.Nearly four weeks later, on Wednesday night, Aug. 9, on the same night that Russian troops moved into Quneitra, the Syrian army and Hizballah launched a major offensive in Sweida province. Three days later, by Saturday, they had forced the local rebel forces to retreat into Jordan and seized 57km of Syria’s southern frontier with the Hashemite Kingdom.

Neither the Russians nor the American interfered with the Syrian-Hizballah-led push, although the Russians took responsibility for maintaining the ceasefire, and US special forces were and still are posted to the east of Sweida at Al-Tanf in the Syrian-Jordanian-Iraqi border triangle.

DEBKAfile’s military sources add that the Syrian-Hizballah offensive violated the ceasefire dealLocal US-backed Syrian rebel groups disbanded without a shot, went over to the Syrian government side and handed in their US-supplied weapons to Syrian army and Hizballah fighters.

The Sweida episode demonstrated how the Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah alliance sees its way to using the Trump-Putin ceasefire zones accord as an open door for seizing control of southern Syria and grabbing the Jordanian and Israeli borders.
The Syrian rebel movement is disintegrating at an alarming rate following the “Jubeir earthquake,” as it has become known – another momentous event which Western and Israeli front pages have chosen to ignore.

Last week, Saudi Foreign Mniser Adel al-Jubeir reportedly informed a delegation of Syrian opposition leaders invited to Riyadh that his government was pulling its support from their fighting militias, in the wake of President Trump’s decision to reduce US military action in Syria solely to the war on ISIS – and therefore end US resistance to the Assad regime.

Saudi officials did not deny the report, only termed it “inaccurate.”

But meanwhile, the decisions by Riyadh and Washington to abandon the anti-Assad cause spread like wildfire among Syrian rebel groups. Many responded by laying down their arms and surrendering.

The fate of the rebel movement after six years of cruel warfare against the dictator Bashar Assad should be an object lesson to other recipients of American and Russian promises. Therefore, Lavrov’s pledge to take Israel’s interests in Jerusalem into account should be taken with a pinch of salt. He was most likely shooting a line to allay Israeli skepticism about the prospect of Russian troops keeping Syrian, Iranian and Hizballah troops at bay from its northern border – even through this pledge was underwritten by Washington.

Instead of taking the two powers at their word, Israel need only watch what is going on in the last few hours just across the border at Sweida, to appreciate the value of such promises.

Sooner or later, the Sweida model will be replicated in Quneitra. Neither the Russian troops nor UN peacekeepers will fight to stop it happening. By then, the Syrian rebel groups, in whose support Israel invested for years as a buffer against hostile Syrian, Iranian and Hizballah forces, are already falling apart. Disowned by their Saudi backers, they are being crushed by the US-Russian “de-escalation” steamroller. Israel like Jordan will soon find three hostile forces sitting pretty just across its border, far too close for safety.

Two world powers are therefore backing the Syrian-Iranian-Hizballah lineup against the extremists. Iranian and the pro-Iranian Hizballah are being enabled to reach Israel’s borders not as a result of the removal of ISIS but the open door provided them by the coordinated actions of two world powers.
The ratio of one enemy (Iran) replacing another (Isis) is not just an over-simplification of the situation, but a misreading.

Netanyahu certainly meant what he said Sunday that “Our policy is clear. We strongly object to the military entrenchment of Iran and its surrogates, led by Hizballah, in Syria, and we shall do what is necessary to guard Israel’s security. That is what we are doing.”

But what exactly can he do against the jeopardy to Israeli security resulting from the process underway in Syria, which is supported not just by Russia, but by Israel’s most stalwart strategic ally, the United States, and supportive Saudi Arabia?

AND, just so that there is no misunderstanding, Trump’s Mid East “deal” with Putin shouldn’t be conflated with the so-called Russian kerfuffle – already, proven to be a fake news story implanted by the deep state.

RATHER, it is a direct knock-on effect to President Trump’s appointment of those who are deeply aligned with HUSSEIN Obama’s Mid East chessboard. Resultant, his obdurate refusal to remove them from the highest security levers in Washington have ensured the same strategic outcome!!

IN fact, much has been written at this site about this unfathomable state of foreign affairs, in so far that President Trump promised to reverse course from HUSSEIN’s anti-American Mid East policies.

MORE specifically, “Trump’s Paradox: McMasters & Powell Sabotage Via Leaks, As ‘The Donald’ Talks Tough On Islamic Jihad. What’s Going on?” spelled it out: between McMasters at NSCMattis at Defense and Tillerson at State, each and every security appointee shields Allah’s Muslim Terrorists and is highly anti-Israel – which happens to be the only reliable ally in the fiery Mid East! Even more inexplicable, President Trump has yet to ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia is designated a terrorist org, per Congressional Bill S.68.

WHAT the hell is going on??

LET’s put it this way: while President Trump, for the most part, is attempting to improve the domestic front – despite all the obstacles placed by the deep state – the opposite is the case in the Mid East. As to the real reasons why, well, only he knows the truth. But, at this end, let’s boil it down to his inability to declare – when it matters most: YOU’RE FIRED!

MOST significantly, it is this unforgivable failure – to purge his wayward security heads – which brings an already fiery region to the brink of catastrophe; an arena which is known to have the most catastrophic knock-on effects on America! Indisputably, those who should have “taken care of business”, but failed to do so, brought about 9/11/01. It didn’t happen overnight, or come out of thin air.

INEVITABLY, this go-around (with red-aligned Putin calling the shots – yes, he is – and in league with Iran’s genocidal mullahs), the notion that America won’t pay in spades is delusional. It is a foregone geo-strategic outcome. Conclusion.

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