Trump’s Approval Rating Improves Amidst Border Outrage Thanks Largely to Hispanic Americans

A media and Democrat-driven manufactured crisis at the border isn’t exactly slowing down the Trump Train. In fact, that locomotive is running as well as it ever has.

Recent polling suggests that President Trump’s approval rating has actually seen an uptick since Democrats whined about an illegal immigration policy that’s been in place in previous administrations.

He’s survived the crocodile tears of top-rated MSNBC hosts. And he’s thriving despite photoshopped magazine covers creating false news narratives.

Looking at the Real Clear Politics average of all polls, from the beginning of June to the beginning of July, Trump’s approval rating and the margin between approval and disapproval have both improved.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

On June 8th, when Reuters ran an exclusive story about 1,800 families being separated at the southern border, the President had an approval rating of 42.2, a disapproval rating of 53.6, and a net difference of 11.4.

As it stands today, Trump’s approval rating has gone up to 43.3, disapproval has dropped to 51.8, with the difference dropping to 8.5.


Simply amazing how out of touch the media is with the people.

The American people, which consists of legal immigrants, want the border wall built. They want enforcement of immigration laws. And they’re less sympathetic to people who break the laws and endanger the welfare of their children in the process.

Not only do the American people stand behind the President on some of his more outrage-inducing enforcement tactics, but they do so overwhelmingly.

A solid 63 percent of voters in this country support some form of incarceration or flat-out deportation for those caught crossing our borders illegally.

They also support the border wall being built …


Despite the onslaught of negative news, the American people still side with the President on this issue, not the media.

President Trump isn’t letting up any time soon either, voicing his support of ICE and vowing to eliminate the “infestation” of MS-13 gang members.


Calling criminal illegal aliens an “infestation” will no doubt raise the ire of the media yet again. The tears are almost certain to flow.

Here’s another thing that could cause liberals to cry – a good portion of the President’s improved approval rating is actually due to … wait for it …

Hispanic Americans!

According to Real Clear Politics, the President’s approval rating amongst Hispanic Americans has risen to 47 percent, something they describe as “a stunning 10 percent rise.”

Hispanics in America are actually rallying around Trump’s economic and border policies. It’s going to be fun watching the legacy media lose their minds having to watch six more years of Trump in the Oval Office.

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