BREAKING: Trump Wins The Trifecta – Ohio North Carolina And Florida!


As main stream media stammers in bewilderment at the sweeping Trump winning streak, the key states in the electoral college victory path, Ohio, Florida and North Carolina are finally called. Now we can tell you that all three states, crucial for a POTUS win, go to Trump.

Business Insider called the North Carolina win.

Republican nominee Donald Trump was projected to win North Carolina by Fox News at just after 10:45 p.m. EST.

The Tar Heel State could be the most critical swing state of 2016.

With 90% of precincts reporting, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton trailed Trump by about 120,000 votes.

The latest RealClearPolitics polling average showed Clinton behind Trump by 1 point. The state’s 15 electoral votes will prove critical if Trump has any hope of defeating Clinton. If he wins the state, Trump’s path toward 270 is more plausible.

The Washington Post, a key main stream media entity that systematically skewed their own reporting in favor of Hillary, had to swallow a HUGE chunk of pride to call Florida for Trump.

Trump was on track to prevail in Ohio, a key bellwether state that has backed the losing presidential candidate only once since 1944. The GOP nominee appealed directly to the sense of economic grievance in the Buckeye State, which has been buffeted by a declining

manufacturing industry. Locking up the state’s 18 electoral votes boosts his options to getting to 270 electoral votes.

The GOP nominee was also projected as the winner in Florida, another key bellwether, where Clinton had felt confident that a surge in Latino voters would win her the state.

“It’s scary,” said Diane Johnson, 55, who was at a Democratic victory party with party leaders in Silver Spring, Md. “We need Florida.”

All evening long, liberal media sang the tune to emphasize that Trump needed Florida to win, or it was game over for the Republican. North Carolina was always a toss up and no Republican has ever won the Oval Office without Ohio. It’s going to be a good night for Trump.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?


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Lisa Payne-Naeger

Former elected school board member, turned homeschool mom, turned CONSERVATIVE political activist. Trying to spread the word of truth, in "new" media and drag the culture back to common sense.

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