Trump Was Right: Scotland Yard Released Terrorist Two Weeks Before Bucket Attack

At the time of the London Tunnel attack, Donald Trump tweeted that the “‘loser terrorist’ behind the latest London attack was ‘in the sights of Scotland Yard,'” the UK Daily Mail reported Sunday. 

For that tweet he was degraded by Teresa May, Scotland Yard and the mainstream press for “speculation” and that his tweet was just plain wrong.  It now seems that May and Scotland Yard have some apologizing to do.  They have been forced to admit that they had indeed arrested the 18-year-old just two weeks ago in the same location where the attack took place but then they released him.

As far as the press goes?  Washington couldn’t tell a lie.  Hillary can’t tell the truth and the press can’t tell the difference.  That’s not really true.  They know the difference, they just don’t care because it gave them another reason to bash the president.  Besides, they know how under-educated their core supporters are and they will probably never know Trump was right.

The teen – who is being held after police tracked him to the departures hall at the Port of Dover – is thought to have been a ‘problematic foster child’ who was raised in Sunbury-on-Thames by Penelope Jones, 71, and husband Ronald, 88.

Serena Barber, 47, who has known the couple all her life and lives in a property backing on to theirs, said: ‘They have two boys at the moment, both are foreign. One is very quiet and polite, the other who is 18 is awful.

‘I know about two weeks ago he was arrested by police at Parsons Green, for what I don’t know and returned back to Penny and Ron. After that Penny said she was going to have to stop caring for him, she couldn’t handle him.’

The revelation comes after President Donald Trump tweeted that the ‘loser terrorist’ behind the latest London attack was ‘in the sights of Scotland Yard’ – and heaps pressure on the force to reveal whether he was detained and why he was released.

Police said they are ‘keeping an open mind’ on whether there was more than one person responsible for the Parsons Green bombing.

A home in Sunbury-on-Thames raided by investigators in connection with the attack, which injured 30, is owned Penelope and Ronald, who both have MBEs after raising 268 foster children.

Police arrested the 18-year-old as he was at a departure lounge and six hours later, his house was raided, where police found weapons and explosives.  Scotland Yard has not yet clarified why they originally arrested the terrorist or why they decided to let him go.  They may also want to explain why after they let him go, they did not have round-the-clock surveillance on him.

During the raid, residents of the area were told to leave their homes and go to a hotel for the night, just in case of an explosion or some unforeseen complications they might run into and to assure their safety.

It seems that the British intelligence has failed the British citizens much in the same way as our intelligence has failed us multiple times.


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