Trump vs CNN smack-down vid: ‘The day our national sense of humor died’

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With the fallout of the satirical video of Donald Trump body slamming CNN still causing mucho pearl clutching along with at least a case or two of the vapors still being medically treated at the CNN building, Fox News contributor Dagen McDowell probably summed it up best;

“I did feel like on Saturday, July 1, 2017 was the day our national sense of humor died based on the reaction to that video.”

McDowell further opined that while she has had some rather cringe-worthy moments of her own regarding a few of the past presidential tweets, she did admit that in regards to the now famous Trump-CNN smack-down video, ‘That was hilarious, and if you didn’t laugh when you saw it… and then all of a sudden it turns into ‘he’s going to be responsible for violence on journalists.'”

These are people… where was the outrage when our own James Rosen, under the Obama Administration, his communications were being tracked by the government? There was a subpoena for his email signed off on by the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder. Where was all the non-stop outrage over that, which is a great deal more insidious if your concerned about the First Amendment?


But later in the segment, McDowell did agree, so a certain extent, as to why the president would even deign to give a whit regarding the #NeverTrump media;

“I don’t understand why he cares what this group of peacock preening, humorless, self-involved, insecure, over-educated liberals, why he cares what they think of him.”

Also piping-in on the wrasslin’ kerfuffle was former Arkansas governor and US presidential candidate Mike Huckabee who noted on the FNC morning program Fox & Friends;

“If there is a play in the park about Shakespeare and Donald Trump gets murdered on stage, that’s okay, that’s entertainment. But somehow pro-wrestling is real? Where else but in the media would their minds go there?

Huckabee also added;

“I just think they’re looking for a way to be offended, and they’re going to find it no matter how irrational it is.

It’s just wearing thin.”

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