Trump takes credit for Ford jobs John Kasich saved in 2011, Kasich responds

Trump5On Sunday, Donald Trump took credit for news that Ford decided to move jobs from a manufacturing plant in Mexico to Ohio.  There’s only one problem — the move took place in 2011, and it was due to Gov. John Kasich.

Kasich responded to Trump with a statement about teamwork and a video, which can be seen below.

Here’s Kasich’s response:

“Our country needs real leadership and not empty, false rhetoric. Working as a TEAM, we brought Ford production jobs back from Mexico to Ohio years ago. That’s how things really get done. Hard work and teamwork brings results for the people,” Kasich said in his statement. “Our nation needs a leader with a record of actually delivering for all of us, that’s why I’m running for President.”

His post added:

When the Governor announced Ford onshoring of jobs in 2011 the Vice President of Ford North America Manufacturing said it was “enabled by the Governor and his strong leadership.”

Others implored Trump to quit taking credit for the action:

A post at the Right Scoop says Trump may have been referencing this CNN article from August.

According to that article:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump recently said that if he’s elected he would take steps to make it more expensive for manufacturers to shift work to Mexico and then export the items back to the United States.

“How does that help us?” Trump said about the Ford investment in Mexico while campaigning in Michigan this week. “Mexico is becoming the new China.”

Twitchy said Trump retweeted a link sent out by a supporter from a site called

That article mentioned the CNN piece we referenced above:

CNN Money reports that Ford is moving its facility, originally slated for Mexico, back to the United States, where it will employ 1,000 factory workers in struggling Youngstown, Ohio.

H/T Twitchy


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