Trump supporter says Hillary supporters broke his nose, eye socket

beaten by hillary supporters

More and more, it appears that liberals really do want violence in the streets.  On Saturday, a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump said he was jumped by multiple Hillary Clinton supporters after an argument and was left with a broken nose and eye socket.  He posted a photo of his injuries and an account of the altercation on Instagram.

“Everyone Calls Trump violent,” the Instagram user said.  “But it’s you liberals that are the violent ones.”

He further explained:

I got in a argument with a guy; and when I said I supported trump he got his buddies and the second I was alone outside they jumped me. I thought you Hillary supports were all about love and peace and here you are crying like baby’s because she isn’t our president. Well there is a reason for that because shes crooked. And realistically it’s not trump (sic) that is violet (sic) it’s all of you. He’s our president and there is nothing you can do about it.

Luckily, he added, “nothing worse happened.”

In an update, he said: “I have a broken nose and fractured eye socket.”

A number of people wished him well on Instagram.

“I saw a screen shot of this on Twitter random came to your Instagram page to send well wishes,” one person said. “These people are really insane, and it’s getting out of hand now. Liberalism is a pathological disorder. I hope you are on the mend and the people who did this are facing assault charges.”


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